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Dunedin commissioners vote 3-2 to keep fluoride in the water | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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Dunedin commissioners opinion 3-2 to keep fluoride in a water

Posted by Z Dental Group - November 30th, 2011

By Drew Harwell, Times Staff Writer

In Print: Wednesday, Nov 30, 2011

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DUNEDIN — The City Commission voted Tuesday to keep fluoride in a open H2O supply, siding with widespread systematic accord and rejecting critics who have protested a vegetable as bootleg poisonous waste.

Commissioners voted 3-2 in support of a open health additive, bursting with Pinellas County commissioners who final month voted to finish fluoridation for 700,000 residents after a clanging of outspoken dissent.

Though Dunedin’s opinion will impact a most smaller strait — a 30,000 residents on city taps — it lends a incomparable feat to a dentists and health professionals who have oral for decades in fluoride’s defense.

“In a name of scholarship and open health, my arguments are on a side of safety,” pronounced Vice Mayor Ron Barnette. “We’ve listened a lot of rhetoric. And this tongue is not formed on science.”

Commissioners didn’t get there but a fight. Speaking for dual hours, dual dozen residents derided fluoride as a poison that could lead to cancer and mental retardation. One Tarpon Springs proprietor who had progressing warned of a lawsuit, Chris Hrabovsky, pronounced aloud as he left City Hall, “I’ll see we in court.”

In their dissenting votes, Mayor Dave Eggers and commissioner Julie Ward Bujalski pronounced residents should be means to select either they wish fluoride in their daub water, a response to opponents’ arguments that open fluoridation was government-forced “mass medicating.”

“Everything in my physique wants to contend … we wish a choice,” Bujalski said. “I wish to be means to select what we do and what we drink.”

Nine supporters, including practicing and late dentists and leaders of a low-income village dental outreach, vouched for fluoride as a protected and effective apparatus to forestall cavities and tooth decay.

“There is no scholarship that opposes this,” pronounced Ed Hopwood, a dentist and associate highbrow of dentistry during a University of Florida. “This is zero to be frightened of.”

But they were mostly outnumbered by opponents who called fluoride a sly poison that residents were unable to resist. Resident Felicity Coddington, who blamed fluoride for spots on her teeth, pronounced a H2O smelled like rodent poison. She perceived a turn of applause.

When one believer pronounced fluoride was corroborated by a systematic community, someone in a throng pronounced loudly: “So was bloodletting.”

Amid this summer’s bill talks, city officials pronounced slicing fluoride would save about $16,000 a year and cancel a $50,000 deputy of an aging fluoride tank. A open seminar in Sep drew crowds of fluoride detractors and one supporter, a dentist, who was booed.

Dunedin in 1992 followed a city of Belleair to turn a second Pinellas municipality to fluoridate a water, rejecting opponents who pronounced fluoride contributed to wrinkles and AIDS.

St. Petersburg, Gulfport and Belleair continue to fluoridate their H2O supplies. Pinellas County’s annulment takes outcome during a finish of a year.

Dunedin has prolonged been a colonize for open water. Drawing from an expanded good field, Dunedin relies only on H2O pumped from within city limits. In 1999, a primary apportion of Singapore and a fortuitous of U.S. Secret Service agents visited Dunedin’s reverse-osmosis H2O plant, one of a beginning in a world.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans regulating open utilities splash from fluoridated H2O supplies.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls H2O fluoridation one of a final century’s biggest public-health successes, and a American Dental Association estimates each open dollar spent on fluoride equals $38 in saved dental-treatment costs.

Public health experts contend a standard turn of fluoride supposing in open H2O — reduction than a milligram per liter — is distant next a extreme intake that can lead to health problems.

But a vanquish of systematic accord has not kept critics from slamming it as supervision drugging or a high-level dental-industry conspiracy. Some secretly explain a use in H2O began with a Nazis during World War II.

Contact Drew Harwell during (727) 445-4170 or dharwell@tampabay.com.

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