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DOST-SEI connoisseur scholarships adult for grabs

Posted by Z Dental Group - December 9th, 2011

PIA Press Release
Friday, Dec 09, 2011


DOST-SEI connoisseur scholarships adult for grabs

by Franklin P. Gumapon

DIPOLOG CITY, Dec. 9 (PIA) — Young professionals who would like to pursue their master’s and doctorate degrees in a fields of mathematics, extend and record can now request for a extend extend with a Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI).

Provincial Director Marcial R. Dahonan of DOST-Zamboanga del Norte Provincial Office (DOST-ZNPO) announced this week that his bureau has started usurpation applications for a DOST-SEI connoisseur extend programs.

Interested field might request possibly for a university-based Master of Science (MS)/Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) module or a thesis/dissertation extend support for DOST’s investigate and growth priority areas.

Qualified to request for this module are professionals doing investigate or those from industry, newly graduated students and ongoing MS/Ph.D students in priority extend and record fields and DOST network schools.

Moreover, a applicant contingency be a Filipino citizen, not some-more than 45 years aged during a time of application, in good health condition, means to pass a acknowledgment mandate for connoisseur studies during any of a DOST identified institutions as good as a talk and other screening procedures.

Acceptance of applications is open until Apr 30, 2012.

Scholarship awardees might select from any of a following priority fields of investigate that embody agriculture, forestry and healthy resources, biological sciences, biotechnology, chemical sciences, earth, windy and space sciences, environmental sciences, fisheries and sea science, information and communication technology, element extend and nanotechnology, pristine and practical mathematics, health and curative sciences, and pristine and practical physics.

The academician will suffer giveaway fee and other propagandize fees, monthly contribution of P15,000 for MS module and P23,000 for Ph.D. program, book stipend of P7,500 per year, travel stipend of P10,000, organisation stipend of P500 and MS topic stipend of P30,000 and P60,000 for dissertation.

Each academician is also thankful to describe “service obligation” in a Philippines after finishing his/her MS/Ph.D. degree.

The schools where a scholars should investigate are UP-Manila for those who will take adult medical microbiology, parasitology, biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology, clinical epidemiology, pharmacology, pharmacy, health preparation and promotion, biochemistry, nutrition, pleasant medicine, occupational health, bioinformatics, dental medicine, reconstruction science, bioethics and clinical medicine; UP-Diliman for environmental science, chemistry MBB, biology, microbiology, molecular biology and biotechnology, nutrition, sports medicine, tellurian kinetics, race studies; UP-Los Baños for practical nutrition, MBB, chemistry, environmental extend and botany; UP-Visayas for biology, UST for medical physics, biological sciences, pharmacy, clinical psychology, microbiology, medical technology, chemistry, earthy therapy and food science; DLSU for biology and chemistry; UERMMMC for epidemiology, Asian health practices and pleasant medicine; SLMC-College of Medicine for molecular medicine; MSU-IIT for chemistry and biology; SLU-Baguio for biology and botany; USC-Cebu for biology and chemistry; VSU for food extend and technology, and PWU for medical technology. (JPA/FPG/PIA-Zambo. Norte)

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