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Washington DC Orthodontist Offers Latest in Invisalign Technology | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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Washington DC Orthodontist Offers Latest in Invisalign Technology

Posted by Z Dental Group - December 20th, 2011

Align Technology, Inc, a manufacturer of Invisalign®, has recently expelled a latest indication of visual orthodontic record famous as a Invisalign® G4, utilizing SmartForce® clinical innovations to yield misaligned teeth in patients. Dr. Wayne Hickory, an orthodontist in Washington, DC, is now charity a modernized diagnosis to his patients seeking a some-more aesthetically structured smile. Dr. Hickory says a new diagnosis offers patients some-more likely formula though braces.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) Dec 20, 2011

Washington, DC orthodontist Dr. Wayne Hickory has announced that he is providing a latest in Invisalign® procedures recently expelled from Align Inc. The Invisalign® G4 utilizes SmartForce® record and offers serve improvement for misaligned teeth and extended formula by improving predictability of transformation and providing larger base tip control. Dr. Hickory says a new innovations can be quite profitable to patients pang from maiden open bites and those who wish to have a good grin though do not wish to wear braces.

The Invisalign® G4 combines pointing force systems and practical displaying to yield some-more likely tooth movements and discharge interferences with tradition positioning. Through mixed points of hit and vigour with a tooth, a transparent braces record can be used for space closure, tooth alignment, uprighting, and other clinical applications. Dr. Hickory says a new introduction of optimized attachments to a aligners offers some-more accurate vigour and delivers army to teeth in 3 measure so as to grasp likely alignment. He also says that regulating precedence of a behind (posterior) teeth can also yield an anchor to assistance pierce a front (anterior) teeth and scold open bites. Published box examples now uncover Invisalign to be some-more effective than braces for open punch cases. He adds that a formula he achieves with Invisalign G4 are also some-more stable.

Dr. Hickory says patients seeking Invisalign in Washington, DC will now be means to have a many modernized visual procession for misaligned teeth available. He says he is vehement about a new record since it offers patients softened formula including improvement of occlusion (fit of a teeth or bite) and alignment, that leads to larger certainty with one’s smile.

About Wayne B. Hickory, D.M.D. M.D.S

Dr. Wayne Hickory perceived his undergraduate preparation from Trinity College in Connecticut and a master’s grade in nutritive scholarship during Boston University, School of Graduate Dentistry. He finished his Doctorate of Dental Medicine and three-year postdoctoral module in orthodontics in further to a Masters in Dental Science during a University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. As an strange member of a Alpha Group and Speakers Bureau of Align Technology, Dr. Hickory was also one of a initial orthodontists in America to use Invisalign®, SureSmile, OrthoCad, and Incognito.

Located 2132 R Street NW in Washington, DC, Dr. Hickory’s use can be reached during (202) 684-8474. He can also be contacted online around a website embassyrowortho.com or facebook.com/pages/Embassy-Row-Orthodontics/176345775739826.


For a strange chronicle on PRWeb visit: www.prweb.com/releases/prwebinvisalign-clear-braces/washington-dc/prweb9054424.htm

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