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Defeated dentists expected to keep busy

Posted by Z Dental Group - December 23rd, 2011

Merry Christmas, dentists!

A infancy of Pinellas County commissioners contingency consider you’ve been extremely good this year, given they voted to discharge fluoride in a celebration H2O for some 700,000 residents.

You know, a things we dentists and also a garland of inhabitant health organizations have consistently pronounced fights cavities and is a good apparatus for progressing dental health.

But hey! More spoil means some-more greenbacks for Dr. Laughing Gas, right? Can we say: Job security? Can we say: Family vacation in Aruba?

Okay, so we competence design internal dentists to be meditative along those lines, were they a greedier, some-more asocial lot who cared not a mote about what happens to your teeth.

But no. Dentists were on a front lines arguing opposite this bad (not to discuss badly motivated) pull to stop putting fluoride in daub water. They were also substantially among a many perturbed when a elect voted for guess over science.

But hey – what do dentists know about what’s good for teeth anyway?

Who cares that a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called fluoridation one of a best open health achievements of a past century?

Or that no reduction than a arch dental officer of a U.S. Public Health Service pronounced he found a Pinellas commission’s preference disheartening?

And what does it matter that 57 percent of Pinellas and Hillsborough residents polled this month support adding fluoride to a water?

The tea celebration has spoken!

Government penetration in a celebration water! they said.

A globalist agenda! they said.

“This is a U.S. of A., not a Soviet Socialist Republic” one of them really, indeed pronounced during one indicate in a debate.

And 4 of a 7 commissioners – Nancy Bostock, Neil Brickfield, John Morroni and Norm Roche – voted thusly.

For a record, no, we do not wish my supervision to be authorised to dump whatever they hold to be good for me into my H2O glass. I’m all for stability science, for monitoring and for profitable courtesy when sovereign officials establish we should keep a turn of fluoride low, as they endorsed this year.

But I’m also for profitable mind to long-established scholarship and experts in a business of teeth. And, call me a sheep, we can even reside a occasional supervision intrusion.

I’m fine with OSHA regulations that contend we shouldn’t have to work in a building where a roof is about to fall on my head. And we unequivocally like a supervision penetration of red lights to keep people from mowing me down in traffic.

And should a swindling theorists lane down how a internal dentists are all in a slot of Big Fluoride, we wish they will let me know.

But who wants proof when we can have rhetoric? It’s customarily so many louder!

When one sole man presented a profluoride side during a identical discuss in Dunedin progressing this year, he was booed.


And he was a dentist!

Sadly, it’s a neediest people, a ones who can’t means good and unchanging dental care, who mount to be harm many by this move. But as of Dec. 31st, no some-more fluoride for you, and for no good reason.

I’d contend Happy New Year, dentists, though they’re substantially too bummed to listen.

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