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Fund honors CCC&TI employee

Posted by Z Dental Group - December 25th, 2011

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute has mislaid a long-time employee.

Marischa Cooke, Dept. Chair of a Broyhill Learning Resource Center, died Dec. 10. She was 73.

Our condolences to her husband, Gaston College Director of Libraries Harry Cooke. Arrangements for a commemorative use will be announced Monday. Please remember Harry in your thoughts and prayers.

A new extend honors Cooke.

The Foundation of CCCTI announced a new extend usually days before Cooke died during Hospice of Caldwell County.

Cooke is a usually worker of CCCTI to offer some-more than 40 years consecutively. An English Honors connoisseur of Lenoir-Rhyne University, she warranted a Masters in Library Science during UNC Chapel Hill.

The new Marischa Cooke Scholarship will be awarded to send students posterior a grade in preparation and will cover fee and books. Second-year students with a smallest GPA of 3.0 competence apply. Selection will be formed on financial need.

Cooke’s father talked about his wife’s work during CCCTI and how it influenced many lives. He sees a extend as a approach to continue a impact.

“The substructure is respected to accept this inexhaustible gift,” pronounced Marla Christie, executive executive of The Foundation of CCCTI. “It is a wise reverence to a long-time co-worker and friend.”

If anyone wishes to contribute, donations can be done to a Marischa Cooke Scholarship by a Foundation of CCCTI, P.O. Box 600, Lenoir, NC 28645.

Dental clinic

The Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry needs assistance lifting income for their designed Dental Clinic.

While income is always welcome, right now they are seeking for your vote.

Reader’s Digest repository is using another foe where votes establish a personality of a $50,000 initial prize. Competitors are mayors of towns around a country.

Hickory Mayor Rudy Wright has been nominated in a “We Hear You, America” sweepstakes. If he wins a competition by removing a many series of votes for Hickory, Wright has selected a execution of GHCCM’s giveaway Dental Clinic to accept a money.

This week 2,611 towns had perceived a vote. The stream personality has 592,809 votes. We have a ways to go, given Hickory was shown in 32nd place, with 28,587 votes.

The tip 18 competitors win, so during slightest winning a $5,000 fourth place is possible. Votes will be supposed until Mar 1. Visit Reader’s Digest’s website during www.rd.com.

Boy Scout cabin

Two weeks ago in this column, a Rotary Club’s purpose was credited in a replacement of a Boy Scout cabin in Geitner Park.

I understated a Hickory Landmark Society’s lead in a project.

Executive Director Patrick Daly pronounced a Landmarks Society oversaw this project, from investigate to formulation and procuring a learned labor. Their volunteers were on site.

They also led a fundraising debate that lifted $11,220. Daly pronounced some of a donors competence also be members of a Hickory Rotary Club.

The multitude did make a specific extend ask to a Rotary Club, who afterwards affianced $2,000 to a campaign. A “wonderful gift,” Daly said.

As a outcome of a Landmark Society’s hit with a Piedmont Council of a Boy Scouts of America, an Eagle Scout claimant is going to erect a berth beds. Hickory Parks and Recreation Department will coordinate that work and present a required materials.

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