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Townley’s legacy as public health advocate, nurse manager honored | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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Townley’s bequest as open health advocate, helper manager honored

Posted by Z Dental Group - December 30th, 2011

 Pat Townley (right) talks with Rosemarie Newman Thursday, Dec 29, 2011 during a retirement jubilee in her honor. Townley served as a helper manager during a Floyd County Health Department. (Daniel Varnado RN-T.com)

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Pat Townley has never been one to bashful divided from a challenge.

She went behind to propagandize in her 40s to turn a helper after spending many years as a secretary with several state agencies. She was 51 years aged when she perceived her Bachelor of Science grade in nursing.

She has lifted 5 daughters and has 9 grandchildren.

And for a past 13 years she has served as helper manager during a Floyd County Health Department, instituting new programs and running a dialect as it changed from a aged trickery on West 10th Street to a new building on East 12th Street in 2005.

“It didn’t matter how formidable things got, she could always see possibilities,” pronounced Margaret Bean, district module manager for a 10-county Northwest Georgia Public Health District. “Pat is a tellurian thinker.”

Bean presented a “Legacy of Pat Townley” during a retirement jubilee in her respect Thursday afternoon during a Floyd County Health Department.

Townley late after 30 years of use to a state of Georgia.

Some of a highlights of Bean’s display were:

  • Meeting with a Federal Regional Family Planning executive to urge a extend offer that led to a Hispanic Outreach devise that has resulted in a culturally different network to couple women during risk to prenatal and grasp women’s health services.

  • Negotiating with county and city propagandize systems to concede open health to conduct propagandize health services with a open health model. Floyd County is one of one of a few counties in a state that has nurses in a schools.

  • Mobilizing a village network to request for a dental extend that led to a state-of-the-art dental hospital that not usually serves as a No. 1 training trickery for Georgia Health Sciences University though also gives underserved populations entrance to dental caring during a reduced cost.

  • Leadership in a Georgia Public Health Association that led to a growth of a Department of Public Health.

  • Making open health a valued member and personality on a internal Emergency Preparedness Planning Team.

    Nicole Crick, who has been with a dialect for 11 years, will attain Townley as helper manager subsequent week. She pronounced Townley has desirous her. “Pat has a ability to come in and see a large design and see people’s strengths,” Crick said. “I would adore to be means to take things in walk as she does.”

    Townley does not devise on holding it easy during retirement, she said. “The Red Cross was here today, and they are giving me dual weeks before they call me.” Her husband, Bob Townley, is already a proffer for a American Red Cross, and Townley pronounced she would be assisting to settle a nursing pool for a agency.

    She also hopes to travel. While her daughters were flourishing adult a family housed sell students. She hopes to see some of those students, she said.

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