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A Moral Obligation to Tell the Truth | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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A Moral Obligation to Tell a Truth

Posted by Z Dental Group - January 2nd, 2012

Dear Readers:

H A P P Y    N E W    Y E A R !

We achieved one of a dual goals of a fundraiser – we perceived donations from 512 people. The latest sum is $74,168 (and there is still a mail to come in). This is a many FAN has ever lifted and a biggest series of donors in any FAN fundraiser! A smashing feat that positions us unequivocally good for this year’s onslaught to finish fluoridation worldwide. 

A large appreciate we to everybody who done these grand totals probable and for others who assistance a bid to finish fluoridation in many other ways.   

In a suggestion of a New Year, we will extend a good offer on FAN’s new coffee mop for a whole week adult to Jan 7:  $50 instead of $125.    

Coffee Mugs 

And now we are going to hear from an impossibly critical FAN organisation member. Not usually does Carol Kopf offer as FAN’s media officer, she puts out press releases for a New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF), she emails a daily Fluoride News update, and still finds time to respond to scarcely each journal essay and blog that mentions fluoridation. She has been fighting fluoridation for scarcely 30 years and in this square she explains how and given she got started and given she has kept going all these years.  


Paul Connett
Director, FAN    

Statement from Carol Kopf, FAN’s Media Director

“You have a dignified obligation 

Those difference propelled me into this fluoridation failure so many painful and smashed years ago after we handed in a Pro/Con fluoridation paper to prove a Journalism 101 college category requirement. My professor, who spoken those words, pronounced we had to examine it serve to take a side.  So we did. 

I wrote, called and/or visited during slightest a hundred or some-more supervision agencies, health and H2O departments, legislators, researchers, a media, and Judge Flaherty who, with a scholarship background, presided over a Pennsylvania justice box where fluoridationists were forced to tell a truth, underneath oath, and subjected to cranky examination.  His ruling: “…the further of sodium fluoride to a open H2O supply during one partial per million is intensely pernicious to a tellurian body…”

“Is this so” we wrote a Judge again. 

Flaherty wrote to me that a NYS DOH central spoken a “mistruth.”  Fluoridation couldn’t be stopped by a legal sequence – usually a legislative one. The merits of a box stand.

That’s when we initial learned, as Chris Neurath had, that supervision agencies distortion to us. And they continue to fudge a systematic truth, even today, when it comes to fluoridation and fluoride.

Fluoridationists constantly sent me a Consumers Reports’ magazine essay (with no byline) published by Consumers Union that looked suspiciously like a identical essay combined by a fluoridationist in a dental publication.  I wrote a Consumers Union Board of Directors about this apparent plagiarism, minute a similarities; though no one unequivocally cared.  I also perceived many (too many!) copies of Stephen Barrett’s crazy name-calling essay identifying us as “poisonmongers,” nonetheless it is he who peddles a poison (the compendium clarification of poisonmonger).

Often discharged or ignored, calls never returned, legislators who wouldn’t come to a phone or their outdoor offices to pronounce to me, we was mostly sent silken PR things and little, if any, scholarship and speedy to blindly trust a professionals. A Newsday reporter put me on orator phone and laughingly indicted me of being with a John Birch Society (who were they?).

But those opposite to fluoridation were easy to reach, answered all my questionable questions, and sent me anything we asked for, explained what we didn’t know and were intensely kind people, to boot. No one was creation income off of this. In fact, it indeed cost them money.  NYSCOF guided me to be diplomatic, respectful, non-inflammatory and above all to be positively accurate in what we contend and do.

Now assured ingesting fluoride was diseased for my dual tiny children, we had to get fluoride out of Levittown’s water. As an romantic who knew roughly zero about politics, we didn’t know that what we was about to do was “impossible.”  So when my Town Council didn’t acquire my information with open arms, we was unequivocally astounded – usually as Dr. Paul Connett was when he initial approached the Canton, NY, encampment legislature to stop fluoridation with sound science. This substantially has happened to many of you. 

So, with outrageous assistance from a New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluordation, Inc. (NYSCOF) we began to accumulate citizen support.  As distant as politicians are endangered numbers work when scholarship doesn’t.

It started with petitioning residence to house, during malls and anywhere else people would rally and letters to a Town Board.  Finally, afterwards presiding administrator Tom Gulotta combined a Citizens Advisory Committee on fluoridation with 7 people for and 7 opposite fluoridation to confirm a issue; though didn’t. We came out a approach we went in – uniformly divided. The pro side was all dentists solely one. The usually scholarship they common was an aged Tasmanian study. They didn’t worry to review or rebut a information. 

It was afterwards motionless that Levittown water business would make a decision. But that meant a outrageous educational debate for us.  Most people didn’t know fluoride was in a H2O or, if they did, suspicion it was to freshen a water. 

So a city bid began. Karl a artist combined a flyers.  Joan owned a copy store that done a flyers.  Mary called a people, whose names were on a petitions, seeking for donations for advertisements, fender stickers and stamps.

The dual Pat’s, Joanne and others went doorway to doorway delivering flyers.  Three Carol’s ran a Levittown Safe Water Association.  Joy, Evelyn, Paul and Dr. Carlton spoke before many Levittown groups.  We wore “Stop Fluoridation” sweatshirts to a 50’s dance with Barbara and Annette. Our state authority sent a pro and criminal square to each residence in Levittown.  Our kids done posters. Eleanor Krinsky was a fortitude and mentor.

Although a weekly Levittown Tribune instigated fluoridation in 1954, it was hugely useful in presenting a side of a issue, mostly unreported by a daily newspaper,Newsday.

The opinion went 2 to 1 in a preference and fluoridation stopped in Apr 1983.  I stood beside Presiding Supervisor Tom Gulotta as he ceremoniously incited off a fluoride machine.

New York Daily News editorial pronounced Levittowners’ teeth would debase given they followed a recommendation of a broadcasting student.  But according to NYS Department of Health statistics, there are some-more decaying teeth in fluoridated New York City than in adjacent non-fluoridated Long Island, where Levittown is located.

Because of fluoridation, we switched my vital to biology with a teenager in broadcasting given we suspicion a media didn’t know science; though we could assistance them out. (HA!)

At NYU’s Science and Environmental Reporting Masters’ Program (SERP now SHERP), we was repelled when one of a initial texts given to me was a Quackbuster book full with Stephen Barrett’s scornful and unscientific diatribe “Don’t Let a Poisonmongers Scare You.” 

Also, when a New York Post editor was a guest speaker, we asked what kind of fluoridation essay she would accept.  She pronounced none. Further,  anyone submitting such a story would never ever get published by her on any subject. 

As endorsed by NYU’s SERP Director, we contacted the ultra-liberal NY Village Voice, famous for a argumentative articles, though they also wouldn’t tell a fluoridation story from someone who opposes fluoridation.

(Note: The stream Director of NYU’s Science, Health and  Environmental Reporting Program (SHERP), Dan Fagin, is author of a glorious Jan 2008 Scientific American article, “Second Thoughts About Fluoride.”  I never met Dan.)

When we initial went online in 1995, a whole universe non-stop to me.  I haven’t looked behind since. There are no editors, advertisers, dentists or aged seared beliefs to stop me from removing a law to a people.

When asked given he didn’t cover fluoridation, a TV contributor told me a leaders weren’t credible. 

Dr. Connett and FAN filled that vacuum.

FAN, and a Connett family especially, has been an implausible item that has infused this emanate with some-more respect, some-more professionalism,  more exposure, some-more certain media courtesy and many some-more victories! 

Back in a 1980s, a side wasn’t even mentioned.  We had to put on a hack uncover to get into a papers by, for example, protesting, picketing or carrying an orderly run opposite fluoridation.  Journalists thought  themselves so crafty by using discourse from a novella film (Dr. Strangelove) in their stories.  We wished they spent some-more time in scholarship category instead of during a movies.

FAN’s participation on a internet has authorised today’s googling reporters and legislators to find a information simply and, with tiny effort, bond with professionals whom they can quote in their articles or entice to their meetings. A click of a rodent leads them to a scholarship that fluoridationists contend doesn’t exist. 

While NYSCOF does emanate a possess news releases, they would be insignificant if we didn’t have a FAN scholarship to couple to and FAN’s professionals to support us.

In a 1980’s fluoridation hearings were hold in New York City where experts from all over a nation came to testify.  The authority who set it adult pronounced he would behind divided if we didn’t rivet a media.  The media abandoned us, he forsaken a emanate and zero happened. That’s given my concentration is on PR and given we am FAN’s Media Director.

So we are impossibly vehement that seven New York City Council Members have co-sponsored legislation ( Int 0463-2011 ) to stop fluoridation. It was instituted by City Council Member Peter Vallone, Jr  who has affianced that he will not behind down on this issue.

If we live in NYC, it’s needed that we hit your possess City Council Member to co-sign and support this legislation, write letters to a editor ancillary it and share this information with other New York City friends, kin and co-workers.

Also, sign a petition to NYC Mayor Bloomberg to stop fluoridation in New York City.

I’m mostly asked given we do this. There is so most wrong in a universe and so tiny we can do about it.  Fluoridation is what we know best and where we can indeed outcome change.  Besides, it simply feels right.  And FAN is a premier organisation fighting fluoridation, today.  We need to know we support us

Carol Kopf, BS, MA

Media Director

Fluoride Action Network


To make a tax-deductible grant to a Fluoride Action Network, we can fast and easily Donate Online

You can also send a check or income sequence to:

Fluoride Action Network

To make this fundraising bid some-more engaging we are charity a series of premiums via a month.



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