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Newspaper Profiles Dentist Theo Mioduski III ’03

Posted by Z Dental Group - January 5th, 2012

January 5, 2012

“I’ve been advantageous to learn about dentistry from my dad. we was always meddlesome in what he did and was constantly tinkering in his bureau as a kid,” Theo Mioduski III, a dentist in Loveland, Colorado, tells a Fort Collins Coloradoan. “I finally realized, in college, what a good career dentistry could be, and that it was a ideal multiple of science, art, pattern and interpersonal communication that we was looking for.”

A 2003 connoisseur of DePauw University, Dr. Mioduski is profiled in a newspaper, that asks when he motionless on his career. “It depends what age we asked me,” a dentist responds. “As a kid, my answer was always an astronaut. Later, that became an architect, afterwards a journalist, afterwards a pilot, and we even finished adult as a psychology vital in college. Basically, we was all over a board.”

Dr. Mioduski adds, “I feel like we did pursue those dreams, but ever interlude to comprehend it along a way. Dentistry is a ideal multiple of many areas that we enjoy, like science, communication, art and design, and psychology. we get to suffer many of a best aspects of those career paths each day.”

Access a full form during a Coloradoan‘s website.

Theo Mioduski III’s father is Theodore E. Mioduski Jr., a 1980 DePauw graduate. They are partners in a dental practice.

Source: Fort Collins Coloradoan


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