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Dental showing might send heads home

Posted by Z Dental Group - January 20th, 2012

Dental showing competence send heads home

Issue 165 – Jan 20-26

In This Issue
Preserved heads

“DES Daughters”

MenB vaccine

New from a SMC

Sciblogs highlights

Research highlights

Policy updates

Sci-tech events

detection competence send heads home

Waikato University
researcher, Nicky Cameron, has road-tested record she
says could be used to brand a origins of preserved
Maori heads — including many of those being returned to New
Zealand from abroad museums.

She has tested
tiny amounts of finish on a teeth of brushtail possums,
using them as a indication class to uncover that a technology
could be used to accumulate a database for identifying the
geographical origins of Maori stays – including those
stored during Te Papa.

Preserved heads — famous as toi moko or upoko tuhi — and
other tellurian stays such as skeletons and bones, famous as
koiwi tangata, are kept during a Museum of New Zealand, which
actively pursues repatriations from museums and other
institutions in Europe and North America.

The museum has
had as many as 500 koiwi tangata and has recovered about 85
of a hundreds of recorded heads suspicion to have been kept
in unfamiliar museums. There have been 360 earnings of remains
from 13 countries and another 20 toi moko from French
museums are approaching to be handed behind to Te Papa
representatives in Paris on Monday.

Ms Cameron,
a chemistry tyro who wrote her masters thesis on a research,
collected possum teeth from around a country, because
enamel on teeth is laid down in a initial few years of life
for many mammals, afterwards stays mostly unchanged. Many
pre-European Maori lived all their lives in a one area and
ate customarily internal food – as possums do now – so in both cases
trace minerals in a teeth should be dynamic by mineral
levels in their region’s food and water.

She used laser
ablation inductively joined plasma mass spectrometry
(LA-ICP-MS) and analysed finish for patterns in a levels
of sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, zinc,
strontium and barium.

“This methodology shows
considerable intensity for use in identifying geographical
origins of tellurian stays within New Zealand alone or as an
adjunct to other techniques,” pronounced a authors of a paper
based on her research, only published in a Journal of Pacific Archeology.

Ms Cameron’s supervisor, Professor Ngahuia Te Awekotuku
– another author of a investigate – has formerly described
the proceed as “really critical and exciting” since it
could assistance lapse to their home areas “items of a sensitive
nature” being sent behind from abroad museums.

more on a Science Media Centre website.

On a science

Robot tails, a arithmetic of murder, ancient popcorn, paralysed dog repair and a poser of drug names revealed.

Synthetic oestrogen: a next
American women women who were unprotected in the
womb to a damaging fake oestrogen are taking authorised movement over their doubled
risk of breast cancer.

A comparison Dunedin educational and
researcher, Professor Charlotte Paul, wrote a 2006 report on New Zealanders’
exposure to a drug diethylstilbestrol (DES), that was
known here as Stilboestrol, emanate in 2006. She told a SMC
about 600 New Zealand women were prescribed Stilboestrol as
a post-coital contraceptive, or to conceal lactation,
mainly in a 1940s and 1950s, and into a 1960s. American
regulators warned in 1971 opposite a use during pregnancy.

Last year, a investigate in a New England Journal of Medicine
indicated an augmenting risk of 12 medical conditions for
women who were unprotected in a womb to a drug, , including
a 40 times larger risk of building a cancer of the
vagina, called transparent dungeon adenocarcinoma (CCA), and nearly
double a risk of breast cancer.

The pre-trial court
hearing during Boston in a USA — due to finish today — is believed
to be a initial vital lawsuit alleging a couple between the
drug and some breast cancers in “DES daughters” over a age
of 40.

“We estimated 600 unprotected (NZ) women in 1984 and
considered that a vital underestimate,” Professor Paul told a SMC. “It competence be 1000 to
2000. It is a theory now. The mothers have an augmenting risk
of breast cancer, a daughters of CCA and breast cancer,
and really ordinarily constructional abnormalities of the
reproductive tract and hence problem with childbearing.
The sons have some reproductive tract

Kiwi MenzB work aids global
Health experts perplexing to get a hold on
Meningococcal B illness in high-income countries and regions
such as South America are trialling a new broad-spectrum
vaccine, partly formed on pioneering work that grown the
MeNZB vaccine to control New Zealand’s meningococcal B
epidemic in 2004-5.

New research, only published in a
leading medical biography The Lancet, drew on that
vaccine specifically grown to fight a meningococcal B
epidemic in New Zealand in a 1990s and early 2000s, which
killed 185 people and putrescent some-more than 4000.

A million
young New Zealanders were vaccinated between 2004 and 2008
as a widespread waned naturally, The vaccine was targeted to
the aria present in New Zealand, so could not be used
as a concept vaccine, yet some of a bacterial components
it targeted have now been incorporated in a 4CMenB vaccine
providing shield to all variants of meningococcal B

The latest clinical trial, formed in Chile, shows
that, after dual or 3 doses, blood samples from 99-100
per cent of recipients indicated insurance from
meningococcal B infection.

Questions still to be answered embody how
many strains it will strengthen against, how prolonged the
protection will final and either it will stop a bacteria
from being upheld on to others, providing indirect
protection to people not vaccinated.

Read experts
responses and serve media coverage here.

First vast appropriation round

The Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI)
says it will deposit adult to $59.5 million
in a initial vital investment turn to support investigate from
discovery by to application.

MacDiarmid Institute
director, Associate Professor Kathryn McGrath pronounced currently it
will be a initial poignant contestable appropriation turn in
over dual and a half years from MSI or a bequest Foundation
for Research and Technology (FRST).

“During this period
there have been no opportunities in a earthy sciences to
apply for estimable appropriation of new programmes and there
has been a poignant change in a concentration of a Government
with courtesy to scholarship and innovation,” she pronounced in a
newsletter. “This, joined with a changes in a amount
of income accessible in any of a appropriation categories and the
large series of bids now all entrance to an finish during a same
time, rather than in a staggered fashion, is going to have
significant ramifications via a earthy sciences

” The subsequent few months will be mad for the
many scientists operative on bids. The outcomes of these
bidding rounds will change a lay of a land for many in
science in New Zealand.”

Quoted: Wairarapa Times

“Science works on
hypotheses … yet it has to be compelling. Most opposing
arguments can be sincerely simply demolished.”

Dr Adrian Macey of Victoria University says antithesis to
climate change scholarship
is mostly not formed on scientific

New from a SMC

Experts Respond:

Rare diseases get
research boost:
Biotech regulators in Britain have
started public consultation on experimental
reproductive procedures due to produce singular mitochondrial

Caffeine toxicity in pets: Not only
humans have difficulty with overdosing on caffeine – New
Zealand’s National Poisons Centre has had 5 calls about
pets with problems. The statistics were suggested in a wake
of Australian investigate on caffeine overdose.

Women Study’ scrutinised:
A new examination has expel doubt on
the commentary of a vast investigate that identified a link
between hormone deputy therapy and breast cancer, but
experts are treating a conclusions
of both pieces of investigate with caution.

In the

Fags and booze: New research
published currently in a New Zealand Medical Journal
has highlighted a couple between
unhealthy behaviours like celebration and

Reflections on Science:

Sir Paul on vitamin cancer therapy: Paul
Callaghan speaks to to Radio New Zealand about his personal trial with high dose
vitamin C and regard during apropos a print child for the
alternative therapy industry.


Some of a highlights from this week’s

Rainfall recharge to groundwater
Guest blogger Paul White explains a intricacies of how
water gets from a sky deep, low into the

Climate ethics and a forward endangerment
of denial
– Is a undisguised rejection of meridian change
in a face of justification unethical?, asks Bryan
Hot Topic

Getting a contribution straight
Sherlock Holmes gets Marcus Wilson oblivious about data,
theories and thermal imaging.

Science “programming” – Aimee
Whitcroft highlights a miss of tangible scholarship on supposed
science TV channels (with assistance from PhD

Research highlights

Please note: hyperlinks point, where possible, to the
relevant epitome or paper.

Amazon during risk:
The southern and eastern forests of a Amazon — once seen
as “the planet’s lungs” competence be transitioning from a net
carbon penetrate to a net source of CO emissions, US
researchers say. Though a Amazon is volatile to
individual disturbances, such as drought, multiple
disturbances such as land-use change, logging and glow have
overwhelmed this resilience, augmenting a disadvantage of
forest ecosystems.

Put a kelp in your
US scientists have genetically engineered E. coli
bacteria to digest a sugars found in brownish-red seaweed into
ethanol, formulating a intensity source for renewable fuels and
chemicals. The high sugarine calm creates for good biomass,
and seaweed does not contest with food crops for land or
fresh water. On a dry-weight comparison, seaweed is expected
to furnish twice a ethanol accessible from sugarcane, and
five times a ethanol from corn.


Tears protect:
American researchers had found how a disease-fighting
protein, lysozymes, in teardrops destroys dangerous
bacteria. The lysozymes have jaws that fasten on and chomp
through rows of dungeon walls like someone hungrily devouring
an ear of corn.

Distant dwarf:
Astronomers have announced a find of a dwarf galaxy
halfway opposite a universe. The new dwarf universe is a
satellite of an elliptical universe roughly 10 billion
light-years divided from Earth, and was found regulating a massive
elliptical galaxy, called JVAS B1938 + 666, as a
gravitational lens for light from an even some-more distant
galaxy directly behind it.

: People in Peru were eating popcorn 1000 years
earlier than formerly thought, archeologists have found at
sites on Peru’s dull northern coast. Corn cobs — the
earliest ever detected in South America — uncover they ate
corn several ways, including as popcorn and flour, yet it
was not an critical partial of their diet.
Proceedings of a National Academy of

Southern cycles: Evidence that
warm-cold meridian oscillations good famous in a Northern
Hemisphere over a many new ice age also seem as
tropical rainfall variations in a Amazon Basin of South
America – a initial transparent countenance of these cycles in the
Southern Hemisphere. The new investigate also shows for a first
time that rainfall in South America is also shabby by
temperature changes in a Antarctic.

may produce cognitive advantage for comparison adults:
reality-enhanced exercise, or “exergames,” combining
physical practice with computer-simulated environments and
interactive video diversion features, can produce a greater
cognitive advantage for comparison adults than normal exercise
alone, according to a new study. The investigate found that a
virtual cycling diversion softened cognitive skills in a organisation of
older participants.
American Journal of Preventive

Deaf ear: Researchers who
looked during 116 USA damage cases involving pedestrians wearing
headphones or earbuds found that in 55 per cent, the
pedestrians were killed or harm by trains during places such as
level crossings, identical to some cases reported in NZ.
Overall, a infancy of victims were masculine (68 per cent) and
under a age of 30 (67 per cent). In many cases (29 per
cent) witnesses pronounced that a warning was sounded before the
Injury Prevention

cements emotionally disastrous memories:
Contrary to
previous assumptions that nap competence alleviate negative
emotional effects of a unfortunate event, new investigate has
found that a good night’s nap competence indeed strengthen
the disastrous tension response compared with a recalled
memory. The commentary have highlight for people suffering
post-traumatic highlight commotion or those asked to give
eye-witness testimony in justice cases.
Journal of Neuroscience

Policy updates

Some of a highlights
of this week’s process news:

MoH updates
targets –
Health Minister Tony Ryall has announced that
national health targets are being updated in a pivotal preventive
health areas of immunisation and cardiovascular disease
(CVD), and for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

Seaweed tillage authorised – The MAF is announcing 3 tiny geographical
areas where tillage of a customarily neglected and invasive
Undaria (Japanese seaweed) will be allowed, formulating a new
commercial event as it can also be used for fertiliser
and fish food.

Upcoming sci-tech events

Probability Workshop 2012
Applied luck and pointless media and walks – Auckland,
January 23.

Preventing self-murder in after life through
social connectedness –
open lecture, Dunedin
January 24

‘No Country for Old Men (and Women):
Increasing Pressures on a Health Care System’

– NZ Bioethics Conference – Dunedin, 27-29 January

Implications of “fracking” in the
– open harangue by Professor Avner Vengosh
– Auckland, Feb 7.

For these and more
upcoming events, and some-more sum about them, revisit the
SMC’s Events Calendar.


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