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Winners named in Marin facile propagandize scholarship satisfactory – Marin Independent

Posted by Z Dental Group - March 29th, 2012

Students in a fourth by sixth grades via Marin entered 115 projects in a annual Marin County Elementary Science Fair sponsored by a Marin County Office of Education.

The projects were on arrangement Tuesday during Vallecito Elementary School in San Rafael. Students grown a hypothesis, tested that supposition by information collection and research and afterwards grown conclusions formed on their investigations.

Grand Prize winners are:

• Behavioral science: Lizzie Ferguson, sixth grade, Saint Mark’s School, “The Eyes and Ears of Learning.”

• Engineering science: Jack Eisele and Quinn Woodhead, sixth grade, Saint Mark’s School, “Insulating Fun.”

• Environmental science:

Blake Benson, Nick Cauz and Jack De Graves, fifth grade, Dixie Elementary School, “Lead Is In What?”

• Life science: Saša Plichta, fourth grade, Brookside School Upper Campus, “How Does Light Affect Egg Laying In Chickens?”

• Physical science: Daniel Ongaro, sixth grade, St. Anselm School, “Which Pipe Can Retain The Most Heat?”

Also, a Marin County Dental Society Award was presented to Payton Alonzo and Cassidy Bruner, fifth grade, Brookside School Upper Campus, “Which Toothpaste Works Best to Remove Stains From An Eggshell?”

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