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Extreme dental hygiene, science on tap and record-breaking mezuzah | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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Extreme dental hygiene, scholarship on daub and record-breaking mezuzah

Posted by Z Dental Group - May 22nd, 2012

Extreme dental hygiene, scholarship on daub and record-breaking mezuzah

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A Jewish lady reading and praying during a funeral place of a Rambam in Tiberias.  (Chen Leopold/Flash 90)Israelis picnicking and barbecuing in Jerusalem's Gan Sacker Park on a country's Independence Day. (Sophie Gordon / Flash 90 )

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Israelis picnicking and barbecuing in Jerusalem’s Gan Sacker Park on a country’s Independence Day. (Sophie Gordon / Flash 90 )


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Makoto Otsuka, executive ubiquitous of a Holocaust Education Center in Fukuyama, Japan, with visiting schoolchildren in front of a imitation of Anne Frank.


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Here are some new stories out of Israel that we might have missed:

Legislating a prolonged weekend

Israel for a initial time could have a prolonged weekend once a year.

A offer authorized by a Ministerial Committee for Legislation moves a Independence Day inhabitant holiday to a Thursday of a week in that a 5th of Iyar, a Hebrew anniversary of a day that Israel became a state, falls. The committee’s subsidy this week means a magnitude is expected to be adopted.

Friday is a start of a weekend in Israel.

Independence Day, or Yom Ha’atzmaut, is a usually inhabitant holiday in Israel that is not also a eremite Jewish holiday. It is noted by barbecues, day trips and village celebrations, mostly including fireworks.

Memorial Day would be changed to a Wednesday of a week in that Independence Day is celebrated.

If a 5th of Iyar now falls on a Friday or Saturday, it is changed to a Thursday before in sequence to forestall a offence of Shabbat. If it falls on a Monday, it is changed to Tuesday to forestall preparations for Memorial Day eve ceremonies on Shabbat.

Lawmaker Zevulun Orlev of a Jewish Home Party pronounced he would have to deliberate with eremite Zionist rabbis due to a halachic implications of changing a day of Yom Ha’atzmaut for preference and a prolonged weekend, given a anguish of a omer duration is dangling for a day, that also has eremite stress for a Orthodox Zionist community.

Extreme dental hygiene

Doctors kept giving Bat-El Panker a brush-off as she attempted to remonstrate them that she had swallowed her 9 1/2-inch toothbrush.

Panker, 24, of Kiryat Yam, visited dual hospitals in northern Israel before she was means to remonstrate a alloy that she had incidentally swallowed her green, white and orange toothbrush while brushing her teeth before bed. It slipped down her throat as she focussed over a faucet to splash some H2O with a brush in her mouth. 

The cosmetic toothbrush did not uncover adult on X-rays, heading doctors during a initial sanatorium to send her home. “I begged for another examination — we knew I’d swallowed a large toothbrush — though no one believed me,” she told Ynet. “They suspicion we was crazy.”

Doctors during Carmel Hospital believed her story, though also did not see a intent on an X-ray or ultrasound. They finally located it in her stomach regulating a worldly CT scan. 

The doctors were means to mislay a toothbrush though resorting to medicine by coaxing it adult a esophagus with a evidence endoscope.

It is not famous either Panker will keep a toothbrush as a souvenir of her impassioned dental hygiene.

The lion sleeps tonight — or maybe not

Danny a Israeli lion is relocating in with dual lioness babes from a Netherlands.

Safari Israel, a Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan Zoological Center, sent Danny, a 5-year-old masculine lion, to his new home during a Belgian Zoological Park, where he will be assimilated by dual womanlike lions from a Netherlands.

Staff from a new Belgian park complicated how to caring for lions with staff from a Safari. Park officials had motionless to pierce Danni from a Safari due to problems with another masculine lion, though are carefree that he will founder offspring.

Hanging adult a paddles

Israel’s Table Tennis Association is unresolved adult a paddles.

Instead of training Israeli athletes for destiny Olympic competition, a organisation has ceased operation due to bill cuts.

The cuts branch from a preference to provide list tennis as an particular and not a group sport, that slashed a supervision appropriation in half.

The closure of a organisation means that Israel will not attend in subsequent month’s European Youth Championships in Austria, according to Haaretz. And Israel was fielding a contender — Nicole Trosman, 15, a claimant for a 2016 Olympics. Trosman is now training in China.

Beer — and scholarship — here

Science was on daub in Tel Aviv bars.

Scientists and investigate students visited 55 bars and coffee houses in Tel Aviv final week to learn on topics trimming from astrophysics to quantum mechanics over a cold one.

The Weizmann Institute’s annual Science on Tap module is renouned with bar patrons, and a scientists would substantially do it even though a giveaway drink as it enables them to manipulate their trade adult tighten and personal.

The hospital hopes by a module to hint seductiveness about scholarship in immature people and maybe attract some new students.

Bar congregation reportedly sealed adult weeks in allege to attend in a program, that grew from 40 bars final year. Maybe they find scholarship some-more savoury when they are a small tipsy?

Playboy wants partial of Israel’s action

Playboy is perplexing to mangle into a Israeli marketplace again, this time with a possess line of condoms.

A Playboy slip line and a Playboy Channel were not successful in a Jewish state, though Hugh Hefner is anticipating to measure large with a condoms.

A late 25-year Israel Defense Forces captain is a products distributor in Israel, according to Ynet.

Israel’s vital drugstore bondage have voiced seductiveness in a project, that will be launched during an eventuality in Jul featuring a storied Playboy bunnies.

Rest in peace?

The Gothic Jewish academician Maimonides is pronounced to be rolling over in his grave over skeleton to spin his tomb in Tiberias into a vital event site.

Maimonides, also famous as a Rambam, spoke out opposite pilgrimages to rabbis’ tombs when he was living, and he would not be happy with a announced $10 million restoration to his place of almighty rest.

The renovation, saved mostly by unfamiliar donors, will embody a potion enclosing of a tomb housing a 3-D almighty fire and a laser lamp rising from a tomb several miles into a air.

Maimonides did not trust in mysticism, and wrote in his seminal work a Mishneh Torah that headstones should not be erected on graves and that people should not revisit graves.

Maimonides was innate in Spain in 1135 and died in Egypt in 1204.

Mezuzah on a universe record roll

Visitors to a puncture room of a Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot might be kissing a world’s largest mezuzah on their approach in. 

The 4-foot, 7-inch high bronze mezuzah recently donated to a core might shortly take a place in a Guinness Book of World Records.

The vellum inside a mezuzah is scarcely 2 feet prolonged when rolled out. 

It was donated by Israeli-French businessman Shmuel Flatto-Sharon, who has done an central ask with Guinness to record it as a largest mezuzah in a world, according to Ynet.

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