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Posted by Z Dental Group - August 3rd, 2012

Dental recruitment and training firm, Tempdent has announced that in partnership with heading online dental training provider Smile On, they will shortly be releasing a UK’s initial online courses for dental nurses.

Known as ‘The Dental Nurse Education Zone’ a height will be accessible from Jul 2012, a courses will offer entrance to all primary post registration courses as good as CPD opportunities. Tempdent has been providing high peculiarity dental training during their dedicated centre in London for many years and are reputable as one of a UK heading dental recruitment specialists. Their partnership with Smile On allows impending dental helper possibilities to enrol online and finish a immeasurable infancy of their studies over a web.

The Dental Nurse Education Zone will offer The National Diploma and a Dental Nursing NVQ/Advanced NVQ portfolios. An assessor will be allocated for a portfolio, providing feedback as good as a informal workplace assessor who will be reserved to revisit students in person. Exams for both courses will take place as common and on successful execution of a march students will accept their certificate and will be means to register as common with a General Dental Council (GDC). These dual essential stairs will concede them to request for dental jobs as fully-fledged competent dental nurses.
From December, there will also be post registration dental courses accessible to competent dental nurses. Anyone who is not now means to take day recover from their use will be means to record on to training sessions during their possess convenience. In addition, they will be means to take advantage of e-learning options for Office and Management NVQs and Apprenticeships. This partial of a training will also be accessible to managers incompetent to take time divided from bustling dental practices to attend normal classroom formed courses.

The online complement has been designed to be interactive fun to work on. Users will have a contention area where they can pronounce to other students or to their teachers assessors, ensuring that no tyro will feel isolated, no matter how and where they select to take a course.

 “Everyone during Tempdent is really vehement to be partial of a Tempdent/Smile-On collaboration. We are going to be in a position to move a rarely successful training to everybody opposite a UK around a online Training Zone. It is going to be a superb boost for those students who live in some-more remote or farming areas who might have problem attending training centres. We take honour in a fact that we will be assisting many students, both pre and post registration, to have entrance to special quick lane options to serve their career.”

To find out some-more about Tempdent’s services for dental jobs and training, call a group on (+44) 020 8371 6700 or revisit their website during http://www.tempdent.co.uk/

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