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Dental house to permit unaccredited schools

Posted by Z Dental Group - August 9th, 2012

Warns parents, students of unregistered institutions

IN sequence to urge a peculiarity of dental use in a country, a Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria is to permit Health Science institutions that are training dentists and dental therapists though accreditation by a board.

The regulatory house done this stipulation while disclosing a devise to establish a charge force to revisit a imperfect schools, “many of that are bad and specialise in producing impostor dentists and technicians.”

The house remarkable that some state-owned schools had for many years deserted pleas to lift standards and register students for chartering by a board, as supposing by a law.

According to a Registrar/Chief Executive Officer of a Board, Mrs. Keshinro Aramide, some of a unsatisfactory schools are Kwara State College of Health Technology, Offa, College of Health Sciences and Technology, Ijero-Ekiti, Ekiti State, School of Health Sciences Ondo and in Ilesa.

Keshinro told reporters in Lagos that a peculiarity of dentists and dental therapists entrance from these schools were a source of regard for a profession, as a schools “are handling underneath bad training conditions that would not have been approved by a regulatory board.”

She remarkable that it was imperative for any propagandize training in Dentistry to have simple comforts like a dental section containing apparatus like dental chair, suction machine, drilling machine, scalar among others.

“For some of these schools, however, a final time we went on advisory visit, we couldn’t trust that they’ve indeed been training as they had no dental chair, no simple instruments, no classrooms or hostels,” she said.

She celebrated that a miss of infrastructure accounted for “half baked students, who after graduation go into a hospital jumpy given they have never seen simple apparatus before. Some of them can't brand mouth counterpart or promulgate in English denunciation that is one of a entrance requirements. We listened that some of them are parading themselves as doctors and doing extractions!

“That is given we are operative to safeguard standardisation, given when they are well-trained, they would know their limits. The contention has been in existence given a 50s. These are a kind of things we have to exterminate to accommodate tellurian standards.”

She commended efforts by state governments to have health scholarship techs, lerned dental health technician or assistants, to relief manpower for caring in a farming areas, generally now that dental health is now partial of primary healthcare.

“Standards must, however, be ensured for a reserve of a populace,” she said.

Keshinro explained that it was a orthodox shortcoming of a Board to regularise a profession, standardize training, register and looseness competent professionals and impute schools that are training all dental cadre among others, as supposing in a substantiating Act of council CAP D7, Law of a Federation 2004.

“When we go turn and learn that some of a institutions don’t have enough, we advise them on what to do to urge on standard. Few of them complied, like a Kano State College of Health Sciences that have been remade in only 3 months after we wrote a minute of cessation for lacking in simple facilities.

“The State Health Commissioner, a medical alloy with passion, betrothed to do something within 3 months and he did. But there are some schools, for greedy motives, have only vehemently refused to approve or register their students underneath a house training these students as quacks.”

The board, as a parastatal underneath a organisation of a Ministry of Health had reported to a Minister of Health to overcome on a state governors and health commissioners to have their health schools accredited as mandated by a law.

Keshinro combined that a open should also be wakeful and badly of a unaccredited schools.

“Most relatives that send their wards to these schools don’t know that a schools are not accredited. So, when they pass out, it becomes a problem for them to secure use given a house will not register them.

“There is no approach to go to a contention or be a veteran though belonging to a regulatory body. It is not discretionary though imperative for each profession. As a professional, after qualification, we are ostensible to register with a board, take a inhabitant house hearing to validate for registration and be protected to practice. But when we use though registration and licence, we are not improved than a quack,” she cautioned.

As an entrance to perform a mandate, a Dental Therapy Board is environment adult a charge force. “The charge force will go turn and teach a people on a significance of being a purebred and licenced professional. If they refuse, a charge force will news them to a law coercion authority. With a charge that we have, we will palm them over to a military and let them face a music.

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