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Medical, dental needs top list of concerns for county residents | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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Medical, dental needs tip list of concerns for county residents

Posted by Z Dental Group - August 16th, 2012

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By Shavonne Potts


Rowan County residents contend dental and medical caring are a many indispensable forms of use in a county, a 2012 Health and Human Services Needs Assessment Survey reveals.

Employment and preparation needs also ranked high.

The consult and a successive five-year movement devise were denounced during a Wednesday assembly hold during a Rowan County United Way offices.

Business leaders and inaugurated officials collected during a assembly to hear about a needs and skeleton to residence them.

Hundreds of Rowan County and Salisbury residents participated in surveys and concentration groups. Every 6 years an comment is combined and a outcomes compiled. Rowan County has been conducting a assessments for 13 years.

A steering cabinet was grown to come adult with strategies to residence a needs that were identified.

Bjorn Hansen, a travel module coordinator with Centralina Council of Governments, presented a commentary to a group.

Health caring during a top

The consult cited a cost of insurance, miss of believe about existent health-care services and singular open health-care use agencies as reasons health caring ranks during a tip of a list.

Of a people contacted by phone, 75.4 percent indispensable assistance with medical caring and 74.1 percent with dental care.

The county’s ratio of primary caring physicians per 10,000 people — 5.8 in 2009 — lags behind a state average, that was 9.2 that year.

Rowan Regional Medical Center is requesting for standing as a medically underserved area that will yield incentives for primary caring physicians to work here, such as forgiving their medical propagandize debt.

Hansen pronounced one reason some-more doctors don’t work in farming areas is since they need to acquire adequate income to start profitable behind tyro loans.

Dari Caldwell, boss of Rowan Regional, pronounced after a assembly that a investigate suggested some-more work needs to done. “We need to continue to work tough on entrance to care. And infrequently entrance to caring is not tangible as how many doctors or comforts we have though if people can means to get a care,” she said.

The health-care complement needs to work toward being affordable to patients, Caldwell said.

Strategies to residence a medical caring and dental needs enclosed to support or enhance ability and entrance to existent programs, yield overdo and preparation on how to entrance medical resources and disciple that legislators cgange existent programs.

Wanted: jobs

The second emanate that endangered residents was practice — entrance to jobs.

In 2011, a county stagnation rate exceeded a state average.

Some strategies to residence stagnation were to disciple to state and sovereign legislators to concede people who accept stagnation assistance to start their possess business though losing benefits.

Another devise was to work with a internal movement providers to enhance open travel entrance for people looking for jobs.

City Manager Doug Paris pronounced a city’s travel advisory cabinet is reassessing routes.

Needed: training

The third tip emanate that endangered residents was educational training and achievement.

The consult found that programs are accessible to assistance people acquire indispensable pursuit skills, though “widespread believe of and entrance to these opportunities stays a challenge.”

The county is behind a state normal in a commission of adults with college degrees — with 16 percent here and 26.5 percent statewide carrying a bachelor’s degree.

One of a ways to tackle training that was mentioned in a Wednesday assembly is to rivet in a dialog with businesses and educators to see what employers’ needs are for people entering a work force. In turn, a wish is a discourse will get high propagandize teachers and college professors training those indispensable skills to their students.

Other issues

Secondary issues cited in a consult and movement devise are child caring costs and availability, teen pregnancy, medication drug abuse, girl misery and chronic-disease frequency.

Hansen pronounced he hopes that residents are wakeful of existent programs and initiatives. They can learn about them by village centers, newspapers, notices and announcements, he said.

Hansen pronounced he hopes people “show beginning in looking to see what’s accessible and anticipating out how they can help.”

Calling a comment is a image of a community, Hanson pronounced people only don’t know what’s going on with their neighbors and a issues they might be carrying behind sealed doors.


In February, Winthrop University’s Survey and Behavioral Research Lab, subcontracted by Centralina Council of Governments, conducted a write survey.

The consult asked Rowan residents to hold their viewed health and amicable services needs. It also asked that internal services they used to residence problems and family needs.

Focus groups hold in Mar and Apr centered around several village groups — inaugurated leaders, residents and professionals — to plead education, mental health, comparison adults, business leaders, low income, open use agencies and immature mothers.

Researchers also used information from a 2010 Census, Rowan-Salisbury School System, Rowan Regional Medical Center, a United Way and Centralina Area Agency on Aging, to name a few.

The endeavour was saved by a Rowan County United Way, Rowan Regional Medical Center, a city of Salisbury and Rowan County.

Dr. Scott Huffman, Winthrop highbrow of domestic scholarship and owner of a university’s amicable behavioral investigate lab, was on palm to plead how a write consult was conducted and a answers compiled.

Contact contributor Shavonne Potts during 704-797-4253.

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