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Medicine, nursing, dentistry and science goals for Nicholl Scholarship recipients | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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Medicine, nursing, dentistry and scholarship goals for Nicholl Scholarship recipients

Posted by Z Dental Group - August 31st, 2012


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  • Nicholl Scholarship winners in a front quarrel from left: Lara Loescher, Kaliane Marshall and Stephen Nicholas Barton. In a behind quarrel from left Trustee Michael Jones, extend cabinet member Dr Janet Kemp, Katherina Gibbons (mother of Meliseanna Gibbons), Trustee Richard Spurling, Maria Ratteray (mother of Reglindis Ratteray), and Trustee Mansfield Brock.

Elation, service and fun were usually some of a emotions 5 students felt when they schooled they had won a prestigious $25,000 Nicholl Scholarship .

“I am study nursing during Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee,” pronounced Reglindis Ratteray. “I wish to one day work in Bermuda clinics and with a Health Department. we was ecstatic and relieved when we found out that we perceived a scholarship. we was relieved since this extend took a highlight compared with finances from me. we am study nursing since I’ve always felt a titillate to assistance people and nursing seems to be a ideal career for that.”

Stephen Nicholas Barton pronounced he was anxious to accept a extend that will concede him to pursue a bachelor of extend grade in chemical engineering during Princeton University in New Jersey.

“I know that I’m really going to follow my trail right to a end,” he said. “Hopefully, it will cap with some groundbreaking research. we was really blissful to have won a scholarship. we knew that carrying been placed on a shortlist for an talk gave me a good possibility and to be comparison is a genuine honour. The Nicholl extend will concede me to attend one of a best institutions in a universe and we devise to take full advantage of all on offer during Princeton.”

Other winners enclosed Meliseanna Gibbons who will be operative towards a alloy of medicine grade during St George’s University in Grenada, West Indies; Lara Loescher who will be study dental medicine during a University of Bristol in a United Kingdom; Kaliane Marshall who will be study medicine and medicine during King’s College London.

“The peculiarity of Bermuda’s girl continues to impress,” pronounced Rick Spurling, a keeper for a Nicholl Scholarship. “Anyone removing a Nicholl Scholarship has to denote higher academics, leadership, village work, impression and achievements in sport, art, dance and/or music. In a final integrate of years we are saying CedarBridge students and Bermuda Institute students subordinate during this level. The extend is no longer dominated by a obvious tip private schools. The extend is a loyal extend definition that there is no means test. This year, notwithstanding dramatically increasing vigour on a revenue, interjection to a HSBC investment organisation we were means to extend 5 $25,000 scholarships.”

The extend is named for Albert E Nicholl. He came to a Island during a First World War as arch hearing officer, Royal Navy Reserve, during St George’s. He was always meddlesome in a preparation of immature Bermudians, quite those during Dellwood Primary School. The bulk of his estate was left in trust to yield scholarships to immature Bermudians for preparation during accredited universities in a British Commonwealth and a United States of America.


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Published Aug 31, 2012 during 6:00 am
(Updated Aug 30, 2012 during 12:59 pm)


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