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Comptroller and Auditor General points to decay in dental colleges | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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Comptroller and Auditor General points to spoil in dental colleges

Posted by Z Dental Group - September 12th, 2012

BANGALORE: Skeletons are acrobatics out of a closet of a Dental Council of India (DCI) with a recover of a Comptroller and Auditor General’s report. From a college in Amritsar that was legalised after 33 years to a Rs 1.32 crore squandered on a biometric attendance-monitoring complement that never functioned, a CAG news exposes detachment that outlines a law of dental colleges in a country.

Shockingly, a news says that notwithstanding a DCI recommending a derecognition of 9 colleges in 2007-08, a Union health and family gratification method did not act in a box of 5 colleges, including 3 in Karnataka. The legislature revised a comments on a other 4 after receiving explanations from a state governments.

The Karnataka colleges that weren’t derecognized are Mysore’s Farooqui Dental College (all dental chairs in a bad condition, no clinical element and unsound infrastructure), Rajiv Gandhi College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Bangalore, and KGF College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Kolar (faculty necessity and miss of clinical element in both). The method has been watchful for 3 years for a state to give a comments.

The news also points out that a method gave accede to start 13 dental colleges notwithstanding a DCI’s disastrous recommendations. The method constituted dual special review teams (SITs) to control inspections. But many times, a teams came adult with discordant commentary notwithstanding inspecting a colleges within dual months of any other.

Cavities galore

In 15 of a 50 colleges lonesome by DCI, expertise necessity ranges from 8% to 97%.

Permission was given to PG courses in dual Karnataka colleges notwithstanding shortcomings.

Dentists Act was nice in 1993 to quell mushrooming of colleges. Threefourths of a 292 colleges in a nation non-stop after a amendment. Of these, 52% are in a southern states.

No Indian dentists’ register is maintained. Dental colleges started sans faculty, infrastructure: CAG

The news of a Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) is scathing on 13 dental colleges that were started notwithstanding a Dental Council of India’s disastrous recommendations.

The recommendations were premised on a miss of faculty, infrastructure and clinical material. The CAG points out that in dual cases, a method overruled a DCI’s preference though giving correct reasons. In a remaining 11 cases, capitulation was given notwithstanding disastrous feedback from both DCI and SIT.

Similar discrepancies were found in extenuation accede for postgraduate courses. Two colleges from Karnataka underline in this list. Siddhartha Dental College was not endorsed as there was a necessity of faculty, OPD patients and infrastructure. Al-Badar Rural Dental College and Hospital, Gulbarga, had no power-operated chairs, usually primer ones. Also, teachers here taught in some-more than one college. Clinical element was also deficient. The method asked one of a SITs to inquire, though it found no expertise shortage.

DCI did not suggest AJ Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, given of expertise shortage. The SIT denied this was a case, and a college was postulated permission. AECS Maruti College of Dental Sciences was not endorsed given a HoD and comparison lecturers did not have claim qualifications.

The Dental Council’s desirous plan to record teachers’ assemblage by a biometric system, introduced in 2009, fell flat, ensuing in outrageous losses. About 290 colleges were to have a machines, any value Rs 54,240. A association commissioned these in 267 colleges, though half of them never worked. After a array of complaints, a agreement with a organisation was discontinued, though a remuneration had been already made.

A check on 24 of 240-odd colleges suggested that 8 of them had not been legalised given recognition. The Punjab Government College and Hospital was legalised in 2010-11 after 33 years.

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