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Dentist’s chair brought gain, Not pain

Posted by Z Dental Group - December 2nd, 2012

If Prapan Vilailert had not been intent by possibility to correct a chair during a dental hospital in Bangkok 7 years ago, he would not have his stream role.

A caller tries a Thaimade dental section during a internal satisfactory recently. Thai Dental International Co builds a chairs and other dental apparatus during a revoke cost than for alien models. Prapan Vilailert, a owners and handling director, has introduced several new innovations into a apparatus too.

In 2005, he was an electrical operative obliged for appetite potency during a Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok when he was hired to correct a dental chair.

Mr Prapan was a final review for a clinic’s owner, who could not find mechanics or gangling tools since a chair’s unfamiliar manufacturer had been liquidated.

Almost by accident, he succeeded in repair a chair, so a dentist speedy him to rise his skills in creation or repair dental chairs, many of that are alien with no after-sales services.

Buyers have to find internal mechanics or wait for unfamiliar engineers from a manufacturer to fly to Thailand during good expense.

Then predestine played a palm again. Mr Prapan saw a prospectus from a National Science and Technology Development Agency compelling a agency’s new business incubation programme. Without hesitation, he motionless to request for a programme and investigate a offered of dental equipment. His aim was to have certain dental apparatus commercialised one day.

The some-more he studied, a some-more event he saw. Imported dental apparatus was expensive, costing as most as 1 million baht a unit, while no after-sales services were offered.

Mr Prapan finally done a dauntless preference to leave his hotel job. He started his possess business by renting a tiny space of usually 32 block metres in a Thailand Science Park to commence investigate and growth on prototypes of dental devices. He used a park’s researchers, laboratory, appropriation and consulting service.

Now a handling executive of Thai Dental International Co, Mr Prapan has succeeded in building prototypes costing usually 200,000 to 300,000 baht a unit, that is most cheaper that those alien from Europe and a US that cost some-more than 1 million baht.

He has also grown a exclusive creation that can't be alien _ a suction complement that can change a resource from an electric engine to a vacuum. This creation will revoke a risk from a appetite outage during dental diagnosis that puts patients during risk of infection from germs exuding from their teeth to their mouth.

Mr Prapan has invented a haven battery for dental chairs that is most smaller than required ones.

He has also introduced LED lights for spotlights, that saves appetite and reduces a risk to a skin of patients and dentists.

Nonetheless, a highway to business success has not been easy. His innovations primarily perceived a lukewarm response from dentists and hospitals that were some-more informed with alien products.

Vibhavadi Hospital placed his initial sequence before several dentistry departments of state universities asked to try his dental chairs.

Word of mouth valid an effective offered apparatus as Mr Prapan’s products sensitively warranted a approval of dentists. He sole 15 dental inclination approved by a Food and Drug Administration in 2007.

Encouraged by flourishing sales, Mr Prapan set adult a tiny bureau on usually 10 block wah in Rangsit Khlong 2 with undisclosed capital. Sales surged to 24 inclination in 2008, 120 in 2010 and 200 this year. Next year, he expects to sell 350 devices.

Mr Prapan won a bullion award during a Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart in September, and his association is scheming to grasp ISO 13485 acceptance to capacitate him to trade products. ISO 13485 represents a mandate for a extensive government complement for a pattern and make of medical devices.

For after-sales service, a association has grown a national networking complement with eccentric mechanics and repairmen. They can also acquire elect on any inclination they sell.

“Thai Dental International is a initial and usually dental section builder in Asean,” pronounced Mr Prapan. “We wish Thai creation will find room in a informal market, that is now dominated by producers from Japan, a US and Europe.”

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