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Dubai School of Dental Medicine collaborates with UK Royal College

Posted by Z Dental Group - February 5th, 2013

Dubai School of Dental Medicine offers postgraduate programmes in a operation of dental specialties. As partial of a efforts to yield top-quality dental specialists for a segment by universe category educational programmes, DSDM will conjoint a Master of Science diploma in partnership with a dilettante dental membership examinations offering by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Marwan Abedin, CEO of Dubai Healthcare City, said: “The agreement with The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh comes in line with a design of portion as a medical preparation heart in a region. The partnership paves a approach for dentists in a UAE and a segment to pursue specialization courses with a subsidy of acclaimed institutions such as The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. We demeanour brazen to building synergies with other tellurian medical institutes.”

“Today, DHCC has emerged as a medical heart that offers high peculiarity diagnosis in line with general standards. However, a Middle East lacks home-grown professionals, nonetheless a segment binds poignant talent that can be neat into a top-notch medical workforce. Towards this end, DHCC is seeking to yield a latest training programmes in medical specialization. The pregnancy of Dubai School of Dental Medicine has taken DHCC a step closer to building into a vital medical preparation core for a Middle East.”

Professor Richard Ibbetson, Dean of a Faculty of Dentistry, RCSEd said: “The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is gratified to validate a programme curricula in Dubai School of Dental Medicine and will conjoint with a institution’s exams. We are also gay that DHCC has concluded to act as an hearing heart in a Middle East providing a college with an event to extend a change as a tellurian benchmark of standards in dental specializations. We are penetrating to support DHCC’s aim to build a specialized medical talent pool in a region, that is in line with a vision.”

Professor David Wray, Dean of DSDM, said: “Dubai School of Dental Medicine has been instituted to connoisseur gifted dental specialists who will offer high peculiarity dental diagnosis in a region. We additionally aim to yield dental graduates with educational and clinical training, that will husband them to turn eccentric dilettante practitioners. We are gay that The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has partnered with us, that will concede us to extend endless post-graduation programmes to grasp a vision. We demeanour brazen to a initial educational year and have recently enrolled a initial collection of students for 2013.”

Driven by a seductiveness to offer education, training and hearing opportunities to raise a cunning of medical professionals, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh liaises with outmost medical bodies and organizations representing a tellurian surgical workforce. One of a many sought after medical training centers among doctors opposite a world, a tellurian benchmark for aloft dilettante training, a medical college enjoys an general network with some 20,000 fellows and members formed in roughly 100 countries worldwide.

Dubai School of Dental Medicine will connoisseur adult to 35 dental specialists each year. The propagandize will offer accredited programmes in dental specialties such as endodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics and paediatric dentistry and intends to extend a programmes to embody prosthodontics and periodontics in Sep 2013.

The internationally-acclaimed expertise during DSMD comprises comparison educational staff and specialists from a US and a UK with endless knowledge in postgraduate preparation and research. Students will pursue their educational curriculum during a Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Academic Medical Center, that hosts a DSDM educational offices.

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