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Windsor’s junk-science Mayor is all wet

Posted by Z Dental Group - February 5th, 2013

On Jan. 30, a Mayor of Windsor, Ont., Eddie Francis, seemed on a inhabitant CBC Radio module As It Happens, and done a really clever box for his possess impeachment.

Insofar as southern Ontario mayors go, Toronto’s Rob Ford gets a lion’s share of a media’s disastrous attention. But contend what we will about Mr. Ford, he during slightest takes a picturesque comment of his possess egghead abilities. Mr. Francis, on a other hand, imagines that he possesses sufficient genius to overrule determined scholarship on an critical open health issue.

On Jan. 29, Windsor city legislature voted 8 to 3 to finish a further of fluoride to a city’s H2O supply. Local dentists are appalled. And with good reason: Water fluoridation (typically during a rate of 0.5 to 1.0 mg/L) is a protected and cost-effective use that is upheld by 6 decades of epidemiological data.

Fluoridation has been shown to means a 20%-40% rebate in cavities among children — including children who already are unprotected to fluoride by toothpaste and other dental-care products. Fluoridation is permitted by a World Health Organization, a European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry, and inhabitant dental associations in grown countries all over a universe — including Canada and a United States.

The use is generally profitable for children in lower-income families, who mostly are during a waste in courtesy to other forms of dental care. According to a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, H2O fluoridation ranks as one of a 10 biggest public-health achievements of a 20th century, along with vaccination, control of spreading diseases and motor-vehicle safety.

Yet there was Mr. Francis, on inhabitant radio final week, justifying Windsor’s preference on a basement of border activists who’d done their anti-fluoride representation to council. He also seemed to have been severely tender by removed anecdotes; such as one from a lady who claimed that immersion raw her skin, and that fluoride certainly was a cause.

The Mayor regularly announced that fluoride is a “chemical,” and that “chemicals” have no place in his city’s H2O supply. The CBC horde (who differently put a screws to a his junk-science claims rather nicely) competence have forked out that H2O itself is a “chemical” — nonetheless many of us have tiny difficulty immoderate dihydrogen oxide, both internally and topically.

Of course, each indeterminate health caring parable has a proponents. But it is singular that someone as absolute as a city mayor get taken in by their claims. Windsor is one of a 20 largest cities in Canada, and it is an annoyance to a place that a personality is endorsing a process change that expected will lead to a decrease in oral health among a city’s children, generally a many impoverished.

The part is also a wake-up call for typical Canadians who get their health news from creditable sources — such as their possess conventionally accredited dentists and doctors, and from peer-reviewed medical literature. In Windsor, this wordless infancy is now waking adult to a city in that a profitable snippet addition now will be absent from a H2O supply, all since of a tiny though committed cadre of Internet-educated activists and a genuine metropolitan politicians they co-opted.

In Windsor, and in cities all opposite Canada, this wordless infancy will have to turn reduction silent. Otherwise, open health increasingly will tumble underneath a lean of scientifically ignorant individuals.

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