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Providence grad hopes to lift dental hygiene recognition among youth

Posted by Z Dental Group - February 9th, 2013

Posted: Friday, Feb 8, 2013 5:49 pm

Providence grad hopes to lift dental hygiene recognition among youth

Emily Anne Latta left Providence Christian School a student, though returned Friday as a teacher, instructing classes of facile propagandize students on how to take caring of their teeth.

Latta, a 2007 connoisseur of a school, is now study during a University of Alabama during Birmingham to turn a dentist. On Friday she was during Providence, training about correct brushing and flossing.

Latta kept it simple, explaining about a need to brush twice per day and to floss once a day. She used a dentiform indication of teeth to uncover students how to scrupulously brush their teeth and also gave students recommendation about what dishes to avoid.

Latta pronounced she began operative with schoolchildren in 2010 when she was competing in a Miss Alabama pageant. Latta pronounced early overdo to children with courtesy to dental hygiene is critical to streamer off worried and dear problems in a future.

According to a Centers for Disease Control, scarcely a fifth of all children ages 2-19 have untreated cavities. However, CDC information shows that untreated cavities for children have declined given a 1970s.

CDC information showed that children from low-income families were some-more expected to have untreated cavities than those from higher-income families.

Latta pronounced many children are never taught how to scrupulously brush their teeth, that leads to problems after in life.

When Latta completes dental school, she hopes to lapse to Dothan and start a use here. Latta pronounced she enjoys dentistry since it combines scholarship and art.

“It’s unequivocally cold to make a denture and see how someone’s self-respect improves,” she said.


Friday, Feb 8, 2013 5:49 pm.

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