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Mangalore: AJ Institutions and MCF to host free health camps on March 3 | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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Mangalore: AJ Institutions and MCF to horde giveaway health camps on Mar 3

Posted by Z Dental Group - February 27th, 2013

Media Release

Mangalore, Feb 27: AJ Institute of Medical Sciences (AJIMS), AJ Institute of Dental Science (AJIDS) and MCF Ltd. will be jointly hosting giveaway health check-up stay on Mar 3 during Government Primary School, Marakada, Kunjathbail, Mangalore.

A far-reaching operation of services will be supposing during a stay site along with follow adult diagnosis during a medical college hospital. This is a singular event for a children and women belonging to impecunious sections of multitude to relief rarely specialized caring underneath rarely competent doctors.

Mother and Child Health

Women’s health represents a altogether health of a society. Childhood being a initial proviso of life is essential in last lifelong health. Hence ‘Mother Child’ judgment of medical has come in for concentration of courtesy in a complicated times. The health camps will attend to all women (besides mothers) as good as children.

Women’s stay will be run by a dedicated organisation of women doctors with sold concentration on pregnancy associated and gynecological problems.  Strict courtesy will be given to safeguard insurance of remoteness and grace of women who need assessment.

Children’s territory will be attended by a hospital’s pediatric organisation who are good capable in all aspects of pediatric care.

Services Provided:

Free check-up of maternity, gynecology and pediatric problems, giveaway discussion and medication; and giveaway ultra sound scanning will be finished during a stay site.

Patients requiring modernized diagnosis including medicine will be eliminated during AJIMS giveaway of cost. Any ICU / sentinel admission, laboratory tests and surgeries compulsory will also be supposing be free-of-cost. Dedicated MSWs will yield personalized use to a patients during this sanatorium treatment.

Patients lonesome by Arogya Bhagya, Yashaswini, Sampoorna Suraksha and other supervision schemes might relief diagnosis during a hospital. For children, cough clinics will be hold on initial and third Saturday of each month. Free discussion and medicine during smallest charges will be available.

Where charges are applicable:

•Nominal charges might request on some consumable items
•Expensive investigations such as CT Scan, MRI will be charged during reduced rates
•These charges might be waived for honourable cases

Dental Camp

Fully versed mobile dental vans with dual dental chairs will be deployed for a camp. The patients will be screened and treated for any oral health problems. Services supposing embody veteran cleaning of teeth, restorations and extractions. For modernized treatments a patients will be referred to a hospital, where a treatments are finished giveaway of cost.

MCF and Corporate Social Responsibility

Mangalore Chemicals Fertilizers Limited (MCF) is a partial of UB organisation and is located during Panambur conflicting to New Mangalore Port. MCF is a usually manufacturer of chemical fertilizers in Karnataka and a products are granted to a farmers of Karnataka and other Southern states. It is an ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 approved company.

In further to production and provision fertilizers to a farmers, MCF is concerned in several amicable shortcoming activities generally in a margin of preparation and health. The critical CSR activities are Mangala Akshara Mitra and Project Eye-Care. In Mangala Akshara Mitra programme, schools are comparison especially in a farming areas and a simple mandate like desks, table, black board, propagandize bags, lunch plates etc are supposing for a children. In plan eye care, each year 2-3 villages are comparison and giveaway eye check-up camps are conducted there; giveaway eyeglasses are distributed and giveaway deluge surgeries are conducted for a needy. In further to this, several medical and dental camps are conducted each year in and around Mangalore in organisation with institutions like A J Institute of Medical Sciences and KMC.

AJ Institutions and Community Health

Since pregnancy AJ Institutions have actively conducting overdo programmes as partial of their village medical initiative. The authority AJ Shetty, a good famous humanitarian too has been actively ancillary a amicable initiative.

Mangalore Chemicals Fertilizers Ltd., is jointly organizing this stay by providing with logistical and organizational support as partial of a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Dr Santhosh T Soans, conduct of a dialect of Pediatrics; Dr Manjunath Kamath, professor, Department of OBG; Dr Vijaya Hegde, Head, dialect of village dentistry and Dr Yogish, medical officer, MCF Ltd. addressed press conference.

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