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Making smiles brighter in Peru

Posted by Z Dental Group - March 25th, 2013


Stephanie Klok has brought smiles to hundreds of people in Peru.

The part-time dental hygienist from Fonthill Dental final month visited Lima, where she gave assist to bad people in a district of Pamplona Alta.

She trafficked with about 50 people, that enclosed pathologists, gynecologists, physiotherapists and ubiquitous practitioners, and helped give assist to a people who live in building towns.

Klok says she’s always wanted to proffer for a goal and when she listened about a Solidarity Experiences Abroad (SEA), she couldn’t wait for a possibility to take partial in a mission. She was divided Feb. 14 to 25.

SEA is a module offering by Brock University, where Klok is study village health scholarship with a wish to continue in a margin of health promotions.

Helping to yield assist that enclosed training children and adults about dental hygiene as good as medicine care, Klok says she saw about 50 to 70 people a day.

“I was flattering shaken and we didn’t know what to expect,” she says about her eye-opening experience.

“Nurses were a initial line of defence.”

The group, with a assistance of 100 internal volunteers, set adult a triage, dividing patients and promulgation them to several physicians formed on their medical needs.

Many people were given adequate vitamins and antibiotics to final a few months and were treated for dental infections, parasites and other medical issues.

“It’s caring they wouldn’t have differently received,” she says.

She brought along with her about several kilograms of tooth brushes, tooth pulp and other dental products and toys to donate.

Klok says some tools of Lima were industrial, though most of what she saw were tiny huts that had mud floors, no roofs and no using water.

“It doesn’t seem like it creates a large disproportion though a people that broach caring do make a large disproportion and a people who accept it are so grateful.

“I would contend only do it and do it right away. You won’t bewail it,” Klok says to anyone meditative about volunteering for goal work.

People meddlesome in training some-more about SEA can find some-more information during

Klok says there are a accumulation of organizations that transport to countries in-need and a best thing to do is hunt online to find a right one.


Monday, Mar 25, 2013


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