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Meet Dr Ashith B Acharya – a dentist who helped solve a Delhi squad rape case

Posted by Z Dental Group - September 14th, 2013

‘No feeling over a judgment. we usually achieved design work as debate odontologist and conducted a tests impartially and with no bias,’ pronounced Dr Ashith B Acharya, whose DNA news played a critical purpose in a self-assurance of a 4 Delhi gang-rape accused.

Speaking with dna, Dr Acharya, conduct of a dialect of debate odontology during Sri Dharmasthal Manjunatheshwar College of Dental Sciences (SDM CDS) and Hospital in Dharwad, pronounced a Delhi box one among his slight ones.

‘However, we am happy that my believe is used to offer probity to a victim,’ pronounced Acharya, one of a 8 debate dentistry experts in a country. Recalling his impasse as an consultant in backdrop of a universe far-reaching courtesy a box had drawn, Dr Acharya, who hails from Puttur in Dakshina Kannada district, pronounced he perceived a call from Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, where a plant was certified on Dec 17.

‘As a college has a usually dental debate laboratory in a country, a Delhi military approached us to assistance out in a case. we suggested them to send photographs and Plaster of Paris (PoP) impressions of punch outlines found on victim’s body, and PoP teeth models of all accused,’ Dr Achar recalled. 

Police examiner Vishal Choudhary of a Delhi special review group arrived in Dharwad on Jan 3 and a tests were conducted in privacy compartment Jan 7, and a news of 12 pages was handed over to him. ‘Then it was cross-examined by counterclaim warn for one-and-half hour on May 6. Finally, a news was supposed in toto by a court,’ he explained. 

In Mysore, Dr Achar’s father, Dr Balakrishna Achar who practices medicine in Kuvempunagar in Mysore, told dna: ‘Ashith was all vehement about debate dentistry, that is some-more an inquisitive science, yet he took adult a theme severely and complicated it in Adelaide University Australia apropos a initial consultant in that specialty.’

Delhi Gang Rape Timeline

Dec 16: A 23-year-old physiotherapy tyro is brutally raped in a train in Delhi. Victim certified to Safdarjung Hospital by a police.

Dec 17: Bus motorist Ram Singh and dual others arrested.

Dec 18: Public view boils over heading to huge demonstrations as protesters strife with military during several places. Fourth indicted arrested.

Dec 19: Doctors treating a lady criticism about her inconstant condition yet she manages to promulgate with docs by writing.

Dec 20: Students of several universities criticism outward CM Sheila Dixit’s residence

Dec 21:  The fifth accused, a youthful is arrested and one of a culprits is identified by a victim’s masculine crony in Tihar. Delhi Police starts hunt operation in Haryana and Bihar for another accused.  Sir Ganga Ram Hospital authority offers plant giveaway abdominal transplant, an offer that is deliberate a broadside attempt by many given a victim’s not quick adequate for one

Dec 23: Delhi High Court sets adult quick lane court

Dec 24: PM Manmohan Singh requests people to keep ease and suffers a vital mistake paus as he’s listened off-camera seeking people Thik Hai?

 Dec 26: Government decides to fly plant to Singapore for serve diagnosis that raises questions about either she would tarry a tour and because she wasn’t taken to a improved trickery in Delhi like AIIMS that is usually around a corner.

Dec 27: She’s airlifted to Singapore

Dec 29: She succumbs to her injuries at 4:45 AM

Dec 30: Her physique is flown behind to Delhi

Jan 1: Special task-force to understanding with women’s reserve in Delhi icreated

Jan 3: A box of rape, murder, kidnapping, drop of evidence, and attempted murder on a masculine plant is filed opposite all a 5 indicted in a case.

Jan 5: Her crony gives an talk to Zee News which papers their distress including open and military detachment to their plight

Jan 9: The indicted direct authorised representation; warn Manohar Lal Sharma fights their case

Jan 10: Sharma declares victims were obliged for their predicament.

Jan 28: The Juvenile Justice Board declares that one of a 6 indicted is a teenager notwithstanding no clever justification to advise it. Age-testing is ruled out.

Feb 3: The Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2013, with suggestions from a Verma Committee Report introduced.

Feb 5: The hearing starts

March 11: The categorical accused, Ram Singh is found unresolved in his jail dungeon that he common with dual other accused.

April 4: One of a indicted claims Tihar guards badgering him

April 11: Vinay’s warn claims dual of a indicted were not benefaction on a bus

May 1:  Defence harasses masculine crony by claiming he’s a womaniser

 May 10: Vinay and Akshay’s disciple AP Singh asks for masculine crony to bear polygraph test

June 4: Juvenile indicted turns 18 according to propagandize certificate

July 11: Juvenile board defers settlement compartment Jul 25 to confirm either to try a teenager in a box as an adult or a minor. 

July 18: Supreme Court refuses to revoke a youthful age to 16

August 31:  Juvenile found guilty of rape and murder, condemned to 3 years in a remodel home. 

September 9: Court finds other 4 indicted guilty of rape and murder. 

September 10: Delhi squad rape convicts to be condemned on Friday.

September 13: Death chastisement for all 4 concerned in a attack

Source: DNA


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