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Farmington Dental Care Announces Introduction of Redesigned Digital X-Ray … | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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Farmington Dental Care Announces Introduction of Redesigned Digital X-Ray …

Posted by Z Dental Group - September 24th, 2013

Dr. Lee of Farmington <b>Dental</b> Care offers new digital cat-scan record to dental patients in Oregon.

(PRLEAP.COM) Beaverton, OR — Farmington Dental Care has announced that their dental use has combined a new, redesigned Schick 33 digital cat-scan systems by Sirona during both their Beaverton and Portland dentist offices.

X-rays have prolonged been an critical partial of dental caring and are used by dentists to diagnose a causes of dental pain and to mark abnormalities, signs of cavities, and base problems before they are serious adequate to furnish symptoms. Traditional x-rays are achieved with vast amounts of electromagnetic deviation with images constructed on film. In new years, digital x-rays have transposed a normal film with rarely supportive picture plates.

Radiation word is an essential partial of a protected operation of cat-scan equipment, as a electromagnetic appetite used for producing images has a intensity to mistreat a tellurian body. This problem is severely reduced by a union of digital x-rays into complicated dental practices. John Lee, D.D.S., owners of Farmington Dental Care explains, “One of a vital advantages of digital x-rays is that they furnish 80 percent reduction deviation than normal cat-scan imaging, minimizing a risks compared with exposure.”

Digital x-rays are also proven to furnish aloft peculiarity images, that make a diagnosis routine easier. With a Schick 33 digital imaging complement permitted during Farmington Dental care, Dr. Lee can make use of a interactive picture enhancer to adjust sharpness, that improves his ability to diagnose any oral health issues. He adds, “With a new digital x-ray, we can now mark problems like cavities, that have only begun to form, with larger correctness by regulating a interactive picture enhancer. As a result, we can provide problems progressing and with reduction costly and reduction invasive treatments.”

Digital x-rays also have a most quicker turn-around time than normal x-rays. In an normal normal cat-scan system, images take several mins to rise before they can even be analyzed by a dentist. Schick 33’s digital cat-scan produces high-quality images instantly, heading to shorter appointment times for patients. The Sirona digital imaging systems now used during Farmington Dental Care also have a ability to store cat-scan images, gripping patients’ dental histories secure and simply accessible.

Dr. Lee uses a redesigned Schick 33 digital cat-scan as a partial of all surety dentistry visits in and with many other services offering during their dental offices in Beaverton and Portland. Those meddlesome in scheduling an appointment should hit possibly a Eastside or Westside offices of Farmington Dental Practice.

About Farmington Dental Care and Dr. John Lee, D.D.S.
Farmington Dental Care is a full-service family and ubiquitous dentistry use with offices in Beaverton and Portland, Oregon. The use is open 6 days per week and offers emergency services, cleanings, fillings, crowns, and cosmetic dentistry services. The bureau has financing options permitted for patients who do not have dental insurance.

Dr. John Lee D.D.S. graduated from University of Texas Health Science Center during San Antonio Dental School in 1998, and non-stop his private practice, Farmington Dental Practice, that year. Dr. Lee is smooth in English, Korean, and Spanish and is committed to creation dental caring reduction stressful and some-more available for patients. He frequently attends stability preparation courses to sojourn present on a latest innovations in dental scholarship and advances in fields like cosmetic dentistry.

For some-more information on digital cat-scan record in Portland and Beaverton, greatfully revisit a Farmington Dental Care website during farmingtondentaloffice.com.

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