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Patients Seeking Improved Dental Health in 2014 Can Now Receive an Incision …

Posted by Z Dental Group - January 31st, 2014

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Dr. Doug Lowy is a periodontist in Louisville, KY

Dr. Doug Lowy Brings The Chao Pinehole Surgical Technique to Louisville, KY.

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) Jan 30, 2014

This New Year, solve to take caring of resin retrogression by visiting Dr. Douglas Lowy for a new and innovative pinhole surgical technique. Dr. Lowy is among a few Periodontists that are lerned to perform a pinhole medicine technique. Gum recession is not something to be ignored, and can be one of a initial signs of resin disease. Receding gums are a really common dental issue, and many people do not even know they have it since it occurs utterly gradually.

Gum retrogression is a march of movement in that a margins of resin hankie that surrounds teeth gradually pulls behind or wears away, exposing some-more of a tooth, and in critical cases, even a tooth root. A decrease resin line can be one of a initial signs of resin disease. When retrogression happens, gaps and pockets form between a resin line and teeth, creation it easy for germ to build adult and means critical resin disease. If retrogression is left untreated, it can exceedingly repairs bone and hankie structures and can outcome in tooth loss.

There are many factors that can means gums to recede, including genetics, assertive oral hygiene, unsound dental care, hormonal changes, tobacco and associated products, harsh teeth, clenching teeth, misaligned bite, curved teeth, and periodontal disease. The pinhole surgical technique is ideal for treating resin retrogression since it is an rent giveaway and suture giveaway procedure. Using a needle, a pinhole is made. The periodontist afterwards uses a special instrument to disencumber resin hankie kindly and pierce it over a partial of a tooth with a receded resin line. This procession is ideal for patients since there are really few post-procedure symptoms.

Gum recession is not something to be taken lightly. This New Year, solve to repair resin retrogression before it becomes a critical problem. Those looking for a Louisville periodontist, demeanour no serve than LN Periodontics. For some-more information on a pinhole surgical technique, or LN Periodontics call (502) 653-8185, or revisit their website during

About a Doctor

LN Periodontics is a periodontal use charity personalized dental caring for patients in Louisville, KY. The use is led by Dr. Doug Lowy and Dr. Reid Nelson. Dr. Lowy perceived his B.A. in Earth Science and Mathematics from Newark State College and his M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Morehead State University. He finished his dentistry training during University of Louisville and his Periodontal Certificate from a University of Connecticut. Dr. Lowy is an partner highbrow of periodontics during a University of Louisville and is march executive of a hands-on periodontal march for sophomore dental students. Dr. Nelson perceived his DMD during a University Of Louisville School Of Dentistry, and became approved in Periodontics from a Medical College of Virginia. Dr. Nelson is now concerned in a Department of Veterans Affairs, and is a member of many veteran organizations such as a American Academy of Periodontology. Both doctors are partial of one percent of dental professionals who offer LANAP laser resin medicine for resin illness treatment. To learn some-more about LN Periodontics and their dental services revisit their website during and call (502) 653-8185.

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