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Seven Hills Sightings: events and special recognitions | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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Seven Hills Sightings: events and special recognitions

Posted by Z Dental Group - April 27th, 2014

Welcome to Seven Hills Sightings, where any week we
highlight some of a latest and biggest happenings around town.

As a late open and summer months are quick approaching,
why not get out of a residence and check out what’s going on around a city?

Need some inspiration? We’re here to help.

­Attention veterans, troops families, sports teams,
organizations and businesses: wish to be Seven Hills famous? Always dreamed
about marching in a parade? Are we an owners of an antique or classic
automobile, and are lucking to uncover it off? Or, wish to applaud Memorial Day
with a village of Seven Hills. If we answered approbation to any of these
questions, you’re in luck. At 10:30 a.m. on Monday May 26, Seven Hills and VFW
Post 7609 will be hosting their Memorial Day march and ceremony. For more
information or to pointer adult to attend in a parade, email hope182@sbcglobal.net.

Like breakfast? Love bingo? If so, here’s an eventuality for you:
the Seven Hills comparison advisory organisation and internal business partners horde a
breakfast and bingo entertainment each second Wednesday of a month in a city
hall village room. Breakfast is served from 8 to 10 a.m. and costs $4. Bingo
begins during 10:30 a.m., and continues until noon. The initial label is free.

Not usually are good events function around a area, but
also good successes.

Normandy, Parma and Valley Forge High Schools have a reason
to be proud. Earlier this April, medical and dental students competed during the
HOSA state conference, showcasing their believe in a areas of science,
health, dental and math. There were over 850 students from Ohio high schools
who competed for a event to allege on to a inhabitant competition. The
students competed in 17 events, and placed within a tip 5 in 12 of the
events. Nine students will pierce on to nationals.

Dental Science: 1st place–Shannon Burke (Parma), 2nd place–Ciara Kolenz

: 1st place–Derek Casmer
(Normandy), Top 5 Sarah Miller (Parma)

Health Poster
: 2nd place–Ann
Kryvoruchenko (Valley Forge) 

: Top 5–Nicole Laskowski (Normandy),
Stephanie Malov (Normandy), Kassidy Klefman-Stilwell (Valley Forge), Kimmy
Lessick (Normandy) 

: 2nd place–Ashley Francek

2nd place–Amanda Burianek
(Valley Forge) 

2nd place–Alena Tkach
(Valley Forge) 

: Top 5 Ravneet Kaur (Parma) 

2nd place–Aya El-Ahamoud
(Valley Forge)

Persuasive Speaking
: 1st place–Sarah
Lesniak (Parma) 

: Top 5–Ljubica Pupovac

: 1st place–Anton
Denisyuk (Normandy), 2nd place–Maja Garic (Normandy), 3rd place–Courtney
Kissel (Normandy)

Have something you’d like to share with us?
Email it to ahigl15@jcu.edu

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