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Bad news for students as few points drop in CAO second round | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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Bad news for students as few points dump in CAO second round

Posted by Z Dental Group - August 28th, 2015

The second turn offers move small fun for those anticipating for estimable points reductions opposite a board. After points rose steeply in turn one, offers for places in science, engineering, technology, law and business, students anticipating for a points rebate in turn dual will be disappointed.

Some colleges have reduced their points requirement by 5 in a operation of courses in nursing, scholarship and other medical programmes. Among a universities, UCD, Trinity, NUIG and Maynooth have offering additional places opposite a operation of courses, with really small on offer from UL, UCC or DCU.

Of a places that have been offering in turn two, some-more have been offering in science, engineering and record this year compared to 2014, though distant fewer late offers are done in many other faculties, including medicine, veterinary or dentistry, with a infancy of those removing an offer being students who unsuccessful to forewarn a CAO primarily of factors such as an Irish grant or a prior Leaving Cert.

Many colleges have done roughly no offers in a second round. DCU done no offers whatsoever, DIT offering places on usually 3 courses.

Private colleges have reduced their points mandate opposite a house and done offers on roughly all programmes. ITs Dundalk and Tallaght have done estimable offers, as has St Angela’s in Sligo.

Nursing offers Points for ubiquitous nursing are down 5 in UCC and Athlone IT. Psychiatric nursing is down 15 in UCD to 415.

UCC has reduced points for chemical sciences by 10 to 445, nutritive sciences by 5 to 510, occupational therapy by 5 to 535. In contrariety to 2014, when 64 additional places were offering in a second round, usually UCC has offering new places, clearing a list of people who missed places on a pointless list during 726 points.

Trinity College Dublin has offering places on 20 programmes, shortening points by 5 in any of engineering (to 490), mechanism scholarship (now 485), dental scholarship (now 585); all still on pointless offers.

UCD has offering places on 16 courses. Engineering, mechanism science, actuarial and finance, veterinary nursing, health and opening science, and psychology are all down by 5 points. Its new business programme, quantitative business, that compulsory 590 points in turn one, is also down by 5 to 585 (random selection).

Nearly 3,000 offers Overall, a CAO done 2,901 second turn offers yesterday during 6am, including 1,545 offers for turn 8 honours degrees and 1,581 during turn 7/6 certificate/ordinary degrees. Some 1,162 field perceived their initial offer from a CAO on a second round, 721 during turn 8 and 885 during turn 7/6. Points for humanities and scholarship forsaken slightly, and additional places were offering in business and engineering/technology.

A sum of 61,308 people have perceived a CAO offer given a initial places were offering to mature students in early July. Some 18,000 people who practical for a college place in 2015 who have not to date, substantially will not now, accept an offer of a place one of a universities, ITs or private colleges.

Many of them are adults who did not convince march directors they could conduct a final of third level; many propagandize leavers with fewer than 150 points perceived no offer. The miss of effective superintendence counselling in schools might minister to a miss of recognition among students of a march possibilities from reduce points courses.

Many field removing second-round offers might have usually listed a march on their focus this week, underneath a CAO “available places” section, that will continue to be listed for a subsequent month until places are filled.

Existing or new field can request for an accessible place on CAO.ie and get an offer of a place in a weeks ahead.

Students who have still not perceived an offer this morning, should not despair. Private colleges offer places by approach application, as do some universities and ITs.

For example, Limerick Institute Technology offers some approach entrance turn 6 aloft certificate courses (see 18 such courses on lit.ie/direct), where graduates can swell to turn 7 and turn 8 degrees. The School of Food in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny, offers approach entrance on to a turn 5 veteran cookery.

Data errors A estimable series of offers were done in turn dual to students where information errors in their Leaving Cert results, or in a students’ possess CAO files, were detected this week, including where possibilities didn’t surprise a CAO of a prior Leaving Cert where they met an entrance requirement.

Points for some turn 8 courses have dropped, where a turn one acceptances didn’t fill a places, so a points forsaken for turn two.

Where a field who met smallest entrance mandate has been exhausted, a college indicates “any competent applicant” (AQA).

Also receiving round-two offers are possibilities who supposed one of their choices in turn one, though are now offering a march aloft adult their list of preferences. Those who get such an offer can select between a place they have already supposed or their-round dual offer.

Students offering a place today, have a week to accept or reject a place.

Places not supposed by Wednesday, Sep 2nd, will be offering to others by a CAO.

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