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PMOAA awards scholarships

Posted by Z Dental Group - August 30th, 2015

Recently Pensacola Chapter of Military Officers Association supposing supports to endowment 6 $2,000 scholarships during a annual Scholarship Award Banquet, that took place progressing this month. The winners were:


RYAN WAHL: Wahl is a tyro during a University of West Florida majoring in rapist probity and is posterior a career in sovereign intelligence. He is a cadet in a UWF Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps with a career idea as a consecrated officer in a U.S. Air Force after attending a Air Force Intelligence School. He skeleton to continue in open use after his USAF career by appropriation a municipal position during a Federal Intelligence Agency. Mr. Wahl is sponsored by his father, LtCol Thomas Wahl, USAF (Ret). Ryan was a target of a President’s endowment in 2014 and a LT Omar Selland endowment in 2013.


MARY GRACE RUIZ: Ruiz is a tyro during a University of West Florida majoring in Physical Education/Teacher Education with a idea after graduation to join a United States Air Force as a use officer and eventually learn earthy credentials in Department of Defense schools overseas. She recently postulated dual care roles and special appointment to a Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) Florida Board of Directors, and was inaugurated UWF Physical Education Club President for a Spring 2015-Fall 2015 term. Ruiz is sponsored by her father, Maj Jeddy Ruiz, USMC (Ret).


SAMANTHA LANDFAIR: Landfair is a tyro during Florida State University majoring in sports government and communications to eventually pursue a position as a executive of parks and recreation, directly conversion programs offering by a internal community. She has consistently been on a Dean’s List during Florida State and will offer as a University’s Membership Chair for “the largest run University hospitality bid in a republic … a 40-hour dance marathon benefitting a Children’s Miracle Network.” Landfair is sponsored by her father, LtCol David Landfair, USAF (Ret).


MARY-GRACE REEVES: Reeves is a tyro in a pre-medical module during Harvard University. She is seeking a Bachelor of Science grade with a vital in chemistry. She skeleton to turn a pediatric ophthalmologist, encouraged by her knowledge as a immature patient. Reeves hopes to use her contention in a troops sanatorium in sequence to offer a families who scapegoat so most for a country’s freedom. Reeves is sponsored by her father, CAPT Gary Reeves, USN. Mary-Grace was a target of a LCDR Gerald Gamber endowment in 2014.


HELENA RIVERA: Rivera is a tyro during a University of Florida majoring in Telecommunications perplexing to urge her essay skills in credentials for law propagandize and a career as a lawyer. She has worked as a paid novice during a internal law organisation and is a cabinet member in a Hispanic National Bar Foundation Administrative Committee, Washington, D.C. She is a member of a University of Florida Phi Alpha Delta Pre-law Fraternity in Gainesville. Rivera is sponsored by her father, Master Chief Paul Rivera, Jr., USN (Ret).


SHANE PASCOE: Pascoe is a second year connoisseur tyro during Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine posterior a Doctorate of Dental Medicine certification. He skeleton to pursue a elect in a troops after a receiving a Doctorate as a Dentist, with a specialty in orthodontics. In his journey, he claims to have shadowed “area dentists, lab techs and orthodontists each year given 2011”. He was also a math/science mentor in a Pensacola State College math lab in 2013 and 2014. Pascoe is sponsored by his grandfather, CAPT William Mayer, USN (Ret). Ryan was a target of a Anna Johnson endowment in 2012.

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