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Exploration, Discovery, and Appreciation of God’s Creation | Dentist Beverly Hills, Dentist Los Angeles
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Exploration, Discovery, and Appreciation of God’s Creation

Posted by Z Dental Group - September 29th, 2015

From a minute cells invisible to a exposed eye, to a tallest trees and largest creatures on earth, all of origination tells a story.

Science interprets this story, display us how life began, how it goes on, and how to be obliged stewards of God’s handiwork. Liberty University’s Department of Biology Chemistry is committed to equipping a subsequent era of scientists with a wisdom, skills, and believe they need to study, understand, and allege a believe of a vital world.

Liberty University's Science Hall.

Liberty University’s new Science Hall is complete, permitting students to believe some-more investigate opportunities.

Exponential growth, cutting-edge research, opposite programs, and a new trickery are origination it probable for Liberty to sight even some-more scientists in a accumulation of fields. In usually 5 years, a biology and chemistry dialect has grown from twin grade programs to 10 and has combined a Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences. This module farrago gives students opportunities to specialize in areas such as zoo and wildlife biology, debate science, pre-med, and more.

“If we are going to supply students to be stewards of God’s origination in all regards, including giving them believe in medicine or margin research, we unequivocally have to run a gamut,” pronounced Dr. David DeWitt, dialect chair.

The farrago of programs allows for interdisciplinary partnership between specialists. Chemists can work with microbiologists to harmonize antimicrobial compounds, and environmental biologistscan work with molecular biologists to do genetic studies on organisms.

“You get a some-more holistic viewpoint of a vital universe when we confederate all of these areas,” DeWitt said. “We are not removed in terms of a specializations.”

DeWitt credits a department’s expansion to God and records that a biblical viewpoint offering on scholarship is an critical — and appealing — cause for many students.

A permanent sign of this viewpoint is literally etched in mill during a opening to a new Science Hall: “‘In a commencement God combined a heavens and a earth,’ Genesis 1:1.”


A Liberty University ecology difficulty newt investigate project.

Ecology difficulty students William Duffek (left), Maria Defosse, and Jessie Proehl constraint and symbol newts as partial of a long-term race fortitude review during an ecology difficulty plan on Liberty’s towering property.

Since 2010, a series of residential undergraduate biology and chemistry majors has grown from reduction than 600 to about 1,000. There are over 80 students enrolled in a Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program, that offers one- and two-year marks and is designed to give students a plain substructure in a sciences before going on to medical or dental school. Every member of a master’s program’s initial graduating difficulty in May was supposed into medical school.

Since fasten a expertise in 1996, DeWitt has witnessed extensive strides in some-more than usually enrollment — comforts and apparatus have also significantly improved. Standing in a new four-story, 121,000-square-foot Science Hall brings tears to his eyes.

“It is so romantic saying a bulk of alleviation in terms of what we can offer a students,” DeWitt said. “A lot of bid went into a pattern of a building to cruise preference and reserve and to yield real-world experience.”

The new Science Hall non-stop in partial final open and was finished this summer. It is triple a distance of Liberty’s former scholarship building, with significantly some-more lab space. Three floors are dedicated to a Department of Biology Chemistry and one to a Department of Health Professions (both departments are underneath a School of Health Sciences). The building is given with over $2 million in new equipment, including a gene sequencer, inverted proviso microscope, high-speed centrifuge, atomic absorbance spectrometer, chief captivating inflection spectrometer, and more. There also are over 20 spectrometers and 200 microscopes (including over 50 top-quality Zeiss microscopes) in a building.

Students have entrance to 20 biology and chemistry “wet” labs (where chemicals or biological matter are rubbed in glass solutions), including a dungeon enlightenment facility, several investigate labs, and additional open labs. Advanced HVAC systems revoke odors from chemicals and concede students to breathe uninformed air.

The new building also includes a anatomy lab, debate scholarship lab, cold room (for biochemical procedures that need cold temperatures), plant/aquarium room, and a Creation Hall that displays fossils and other artifacts, presenting systematic justification for a boundless creator.


Todd Allen and Grant McClure

Dr. Todd Allen, executive of chemistry, and Grant McClure, a comparison biomedical sciences major/chemistry minor, investigate algae biofuel samples in a lab during a new Science Hall.

The new trickery has also led to some-more investigate opportunities.

“When we are seeking investigate questions,” Dewitt said, “you will ask questions within a horizon and stipulations of your resources. By relocating to this trickery with a apparatus and resources we have now, a forms of investigate that can be finished have increasing by orders of magnitude.”

The opportunities to investigate a vital universe during Liberty are as sundry as a grade offerings. Current margin and lab investigate includes debate science, zebrafish tact and rudimentary development, salamander ecology in a circuitously Peaks of Otter area, hawk migration, algae biofuels, fluorescent organic compounds, E. coli in a mammalian intestine, Alzheimer’s disease, MRSA, Lyme disease, and Cryptococcus (a mildew that causes illness). Much of this investigate could have a poignant impact on a peculiarity of life around a universe — from aiding to heal diseases to preserving ecosystems and producing cleaner fuels.

“There is a lot in biology and chemistry that can be finished to urge peculiarity of life opposite a board,” DeWitt said.

Research projects, such as a salamander study, have helped safety wildlife populations in inhabitant parks and forests. Now that Liberty’s trickery supports some-more concerned research, students will have other singular opportunities, including aiding with debate investigate on rapist cases.

These opportunities are putting a new apparatus to good use. In May, Liberty researchers expelled their initial breeze genome sequence. Using a gene sequencer, a investigate group mapped a DNA method of a renouned aria of E. coli bacteria, one that is being complicated to learn how germ infects a gastrointestinal tract and leads to certain diseases.

Dr. Andrew Fabich, associate highbrow of microbiology, and Abigail Lenz (’14), a connoisseur partner now seeking her Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences, conducted a sequencing in partnership with Dr. Jeffery Tomkins, an accessory Liberty professor. The commentary were published in “Genome Announcements,” an educational biography from a American Society for Microbiology.

“Publishing a breeze genome will positively lift a form of Liberty University in regards to a kind of investigate we are doing,” DeWitt said. “A investigate like this unequivocally highlights a investigate impasse students can have with a expertise members.”


Abigail Lenz and Andrew Fabich

Dr. Andrew Fabich, associate highbrow of Biology, and connoisseur tyro Abigail Lenz published a university’s initial breeze genome method as partial of their stability investigate on E. coli in a mammalian intestine.

Abigail Lenz behind going to medical propagandize since of a extensive opportunities Liberty afforded her to investigate disease. While visiting Africa as an undergrad, she saw firsthand a debilitating effects of a unequivocally illness her investigate might assistance heal one day. Lenz has always had a passion for scholarship and a enterprise to assistance others, and her time as an undergraduate tyro during Liberty helped her learn that a career in medical investigate was a good fit for her.

Students like Lenz are means to flower during Liberty since faculty, while being shining researchers, are committed inaugural to investing in a subsequent era of scientists.

Most of a department’s expertise reason depot degrees from prestigious institutions opposite a nation. They worked in some of a best laboratories and investigate comforts in a nation before bringing their believe and believe to Liberty. And what they are doing is changing a indication of education.

“What we do here is distinct anywhere else,” pronounced Lenz’s coach and investigate administrator Dr. Andrew Fabich. “We have been everywhere else, and we know this is a singular experience.”

The educational believe during Liberty stands alone since undergraduate students are speedy — and invited — to attend in research.

“Our concentration is different,” DeWitt said. “Our expertise are here since they wish to learn students. They are ardent about a investigate they are doing, though they are equally or some-more ardent about training a students. You don’t have professors with a ‘Don’t worry me; we am bustling (doing my possess research)’ genius … it is a most opposite sourroundings than during a lot of places.”

DeWitt pronounced a module is wholly tyro focused.

“Although we have all this investigate being done, a expertise are involving undergraduate students, operative with them corresponding and equipping them to do systematic studies.”

Fabich pronounced that investigate is a pivotal to success in a sciences.

“You learn some-more when we spend that time during a dais responding investigate questions, since it army we to request what we have schooled in a classroom,” he said. “Textbooks don’t have all a answers; we start to see a approach a universe unequivocally works.”

Offering students some-more opportunities also improves their ability to consider critically and ask questions. As a result, Liberty’s graduates are being supposed into tip medical schools and consistently scoring good on MCATs (typically a 90-plus percent thoroughfare rate). They are stepping into labs, investigate facilities, and a margin prepared to minister since of a believe they have gained during Liberty.

“It is strenuous to see how distant we’ve come,” DeWitt said. “And it is tough to contend how most serve we can go since it will be some time before a investigate reaches a turn of a capabilities we have. We are so blessed. God is awesome.”

Awards and Accolades

A Liberty University investigate group during a VAS.

Dr. Gary Isaacs and his investigate group during a Virginia Academy of Science’s Annual Meeting: (front row, from left) Rachel Bordelon, John Arza, Amanda Hazy, Bria Johnston, (back row) Matthew Dalton, Nate MacGilvary, Isaacs, and John Lawson.

Liberty University students are being famous in a systematic village for a peculiarity of their research. In May, students perceived approval during a Virginia Academy of Science’s Annual Meeting. Abigail Lenz (’14), who is now seeking her Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences, perceived Liberty’s initial connoisseur tyro endowment for her investigate in propinquity to a university’s initial genome method (read some-more in a concomitant story). The endowment was generally poignant deliberation it was a university’s initial year to have a connoisseur module in biology.

Liberty also perceived twin other awards during a conference. Amanda Hazy (’15) was awarded best undergraduate oral presentation, and John Arza and Nate MacGilvary (both stream seniors) perceived an honest discuss for best print presentation. Hazy, Arza, and MacGilvary’s research, investigate Alzheimer’s illness models in mice, is supervised by Dr. Gary Isaacs. The investigate hopes to offer some-more discernment into how a illness progresses in humans, heading to tests for early detection. (Hazy was a usually claimant supposed this year for a twin doctoral module during Virginia Tech; she recently began her initial year of a corner Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Ph.D. program.)

This was a fourth year in a quarrel that Liberty students have perceived awards for best print or oral display in a biology/microbiology category, with Liberty’s undergraduate students outshining those (including connoisseur students) from other schools year after year. Last year, Isaacs perceived a prestigious J. Shelton Horsley award, a tip respect given by a academy for strange research.

Joe Gosnell (’14), a connoisseur biomedical sciences student, was awarded a brotherhood to a Third Annual Workshop on Metabolomics, hold during a University of Alabama during Birmingham (UAB) in June. He was comparison formed on his drug growth investigate that could lengthen a time a Hepatic Fibrosis patient’s liver is means to duty before a transplant becomes a usually viable option.

Liberty’s students have also been awarded tip honors during a Big South Undergraduate Research Symposium and a Undergraduate Research Symposium in a Chemical and Biological Sciences.

Two students, Abigail Lenz and Rebekah Betar, became a initial in Liberty’s story to be supposed to benefaction their investigate during a Interscience Conference of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. After successfully completing a rarely rival focus process, a connoisseur students were selected to benefaction in San Diego in September.

Degree Programs


  • Biochemistry Molecular Biology
  • Biomedical Sciences (Pre-Med)
  • Biopsychology
  • Cell Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Biology
  • Forensic Science
  • General Biology
  • Zoo Wildlife Biology
  • Zoology (including Pre-Vet)


  • Minors in Biology Chemistry
  • Minor in Creation Studies


  • Biomedical Sciences (M.S.)
    (Available both residentially  online)

Visit a department’s website for some-more information.

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