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Dentistry is a transparent passion for Whalley

Posted by Z Dental Group - July 31st, 2016

FOR Greg Whalley dentistry isn’t only a job, it is a passion.

Being a dental practitioner is something that Greg has been doing in Bundaberg for over 30 years and it is his joining and prophesy that has seen Greg Whalley Dental turn a heading provider of dental services.

Greg’s career in dentistry began when he gained his Bachelor of Dental Science from a University of Queensland in 1981 before returning home to Bundaberg in 1984 and has been practising during his stream plcae given 1999.

Appreciating that we are never too aged to learn, Greg continues to spend a substantial volume of time stability his preparation to safeguard that both he and his group are always adult to date with a changes in dental science.

Greg pronounced he gets good compensation from being means to offer caring, veteran and affordable dental care.

“I trust my patients respond to a fact that we have both an honest and caring approach,” he said.

“I am happy to share stories with my patients of being a insane penetrating fisherman and of march spending time with my dual beautiful grandchildren.

“They also know nonetheless we might be a loose chairman that we am still operative tough to safeguard that a use continues to be accredited to a National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.”

Greg is upheld by associate dental practitioner Jake Atkinson who graduated with honours in Bachelor of Dental Science from a University of Queensland in 2015.

Jake grew adult in northern Brisbane so appreciates a loose atmosphere of Bundaberg.

Jake pronounced he wants patients to see that he is a outrageous follower in providing a best probable dental knowledge and caring to them all.

“I am a good fan of travelling, fishing, good food and sports in ubiquitous and Bundaberg helps me suffer all of these,” he said.

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