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A lot of dentists in Los Angeles advertise a "perfect smile". But for Z Dental Group your perfect smile is our main goal. Perfect, meaning a smile with healthy and beautiful teeth. We will do everything necessary, so that you can smile confidently. And to help us achieve our goal we hired only enthusiastic and knowledgeable professionals, who truly care about our patients and will do their best to accommodate and satisfy the patients' needs. From the moment you pick up the phone to make an appointment with us, you will be surrounded with care and attention. The receptionist will work around your schedule and make sure that you can come in when it is convenient to you. For this reason also, Z Dental Group is one of the few dental offices in Los Angeles that is open late on weekdays, and also Saturdays and Sundays. Alongside with the dentists, our dental assistants will take care of you, when you are undergoing a dental treatment. They also make sure that all the dental equipment is sterile and clean, and the rooms are ready for your treatment.


Z Dental Group accepts almost all the dental insurance types, and once your treatment is discussed with you and established, the treatment coordinator will make the financial arrangements and help you understand the complexities of your dental insurance coverage. We will make sure that you get the maximum coverage from your insurance, due to you, for your dental treatments and we will file the insurance claim forms on your behalf. We also accept all the major credit cards and if you need payment arrangements for your dental procedures, we offer several options that you can choose from. All we want from you is to feel at ease and enjoy your visit to our Los Angeles Dentistry.


At the end what matters to us most, is your dental and general health, and everybody at Z Dental Group is happy that they are given the chance to take part in the process of creating the Perfect Smile for our patients. :)

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At Z Dental Group, besides English, our dental staff also speaks Russian, Armenian, Spanish, Portuguese and German.