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BONDING: Dental Bonding is a minimally invasive way of repairing fractured teeth or slightly changing the look of your existing teeth that requires little or no preparing of the teeth.

BRIDGES: A Dental Bridge is a fixed way of replacing a missing tooth when implants are not an option.

CROWNS: When your tooth requires treatment that is greater then a simple filling, inlay, or onlay, a complete coverage crown is indicated. These are sometimes known as “caps” and cover your tooth to help strengthen it when it is broken down. Crowns can be made in gold, porcelain, or other type of ceramic materials that resemble a natural tooth.

DENTURES: Dentures are a way to restore chewing efficiency and aesthetics when all of the teeth are lost in the jaw.

DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY: X-rays have been an integral part of dentistry for many years and now with the improvement of digital x-rays, patients can feel safer with 90% less radiation then conventional film radiographs.

EXTRACTIONS: Although Z Dental Group does everything possible to retain your own natural teeth, sometimes there are situations when a tooth must be removed. Our dentists have special training in surgery allowing them to perform extractions with maximum patient comfort.

DENTAL FILLINGS: A filling is the term used to explain the fixing of a “cavity” or dental decay. Z Dental Group uses only tooth colored  composite resin fillings for the best aesthetics results for our patients.

DENTAL IMPLANTS: Dental implants are a permanent way of replacing missing teeth without the need to touch the adjacent teeth (bridge).

INVISALIGN: Clear and thin set of aligners, used to streighten crowding of your teeth, spacing, an overbite or underbite, or general misalignment of your teeth. Invisalign is virtually invisible.

MOUTHGUARDS: A custom made guard that is used to protect the teeth and joints
Los Angeles Dentist ONLAYS AND INLAYS: More conservative than a crown, these procedures replace relatively extensive loss of tooth structure. An inlay is done when the restoration can be placed between the tooth cusps. It is called an onlay when placed above the chewing surface of the tooth. They tend to last longer than fillings.

ORAL CANCER SCREENINGS: As early detection is important for improved chances of recovery, we perform screenings on a regular basis.

ORTHODONTIC TREATMENTS: Offered to patients whose teeth require straightening either through Invisalign or traditional braces.

PERIODONTAL (GUM DISEASE) TREATMENTS: Bacterial infection of the gums usually marked by redness, bleeding, swelling, and halitosis (bad breath). Treatment consists of professional cleaning to remove tartar and plaque, prescription rinses, and subgingival antimicrobial agents. Of course, you will also be made an expert in the art of proper and regular brushing/flossing!

ROOT CANALS: To cure infection of a nerve and save the tooth, root canal therapy is performed. One of the most feared procedures in all of dentistry, root canals are in fact painless due to effective pain control techniques during treatment, and the (optional) use of pain control medication after treatment.

TEETH CLEANING/POLISHING: Teeth cleaning or Prophylaxis is recommended to be performed every 3 months for optimum oral hygiene. Fluoride treatments and sealant are available as well.

TEETH WHITENING/BLEACHING: The simplest and most popular form of smile enhancement. Using ZOOM! Advanced Power we can safely brighten teeth up to 12 shades lighter in less than 1 hour.

TMJ Disorder Therapy: Temporomandibular Joint therapy may involve fitting you with a physiologic bite appliance, suggesting ways to alleviate stress, and recommending symptom relief measures.

VENEERS: A thin layer of restorative porcelain material that is placed over the tooth surface, either to improve the aesthetics of the tooth or to protect its damaged surface. Irregularities such as crooked, cracked, or discolored teeth can be beautifully covered in only 2 appointments.