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Dental Veneers

Upper front 10 teeth are restored with dental veneers using aesthetic and golden proportions of teeth for them to look symmetrical and to follow the smile line. Gum recontouring was done to ensure patient shows less gum when she smiles.

Full Porcelain Crowns

Upper four front teeth were treated and covered with full porcelain crowns. Tooth whitening was done to brighten up the smile.

Lumineers - Gum Surgery

Upper front six teeth were restored with Lumineers without preparation of the teeth. Laser Gum surgery was done to expose more tooth structure.

Dental Implant

Upper right first premolar tooth was fractured. Tooth was safely removed and restored with Implant in a day. The after picture is taken two weeks after the procedure during the follow up visit.

Crowns with E-Max Porcelain

Lower left two molars had failing restorations. Both are restored with crowns with E-Max Porcelain.

Porcelain Crown & Inlay

Lower left two molars had failing fillings. Amalgam filling was completely removed from first molar and the tooth restored with porcelain crown with E-max Porcelain. Second molar was restored with porcelain Inlay with Empress porcelain.